TEDxAmsterdam 2013 Before they pass away

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TEDxAmsterdam 2013 Before they pass away by Mind Map: TEDxAmsterdam 2013 Before they pass away

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2.2.1. Jimmy Nelson photographer interview with Jimmy Nelson at TEDxAmsterdam www.beforethey.com/

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2.3.3. Reactions Story telling and visuals of Jimmy Nelson were pretty amazing too. #worthawatch. Post by @GJLeuverink on #tedxams http://www.tedxamsterdam.com/jimmy-nelson-before-they-pass-away/ … Dutch article on FotoVideo.nu

3. why

3.1. when younger

3.1.1. travelling with parents as an expat kid

3.1.2. went to British boarding school

3.1.3. received wrong medicine for malaria and hair fell out before after

3.1.4. I didn't change, my people perception did change

3.1.5. experienced: how you look can influence everything

3.2. decided to go on a journey to find to one place where other people are bold

3.2.1. found out it was Tibet

3.2.2. however: the real yourney was to find myself

4. the real journey

4.1. started 4 year ago

4.2. when I did truly find myself

4.3. wanted to photograph 35 of the worlds last cultures as art, as icons

4.3.1. project: before they pass away

4.4. something happened

4.4.1. went far beyond phorography

4.4.2. started to learn lessons

5. 3 lessons I learned

5.1. Be careful when you look and judge somebody

5.1.1. for example Samburu warriors they look female but they can kill lions with their bare hands

5.1.2. in the developed world, very comfortable with prejudices judgment

5.1.3. look closer, cause you never know what's around the corner

5.2. We all have a choice

5.2.1. for example chukchi, Siberian eskimo's they received apparment flats to live in the chose to come back to their own land to see their children and their old people

5.2.2. if you dare feel: yourself the environment your in one another

5.2.3. you'll feel what will make you happy

5.3. By being vulrnable you can connect with people on any level

5.3.1. for example Kazakh warriors I ripped my fingers when they were frozen to my camera two Kazakh women hugged me rocked me sang a song broke down all their values to help me they are a traditonal Islamic culture

5.3.2. truly becoming naked wherever you are on the planet as a metaphor of course

6. We have to wake up

6.1. document these culture very quickly

6.2. or we will lose them

6.3. they're our origines

6.4. we need to

6.4.1. start a dialougue

6.4.2. a new conversation

6.5. in

6.5.1. what we can teach them

6.5.2. what they can teach us