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Quality management


Audit & standardization (ISO-9000, ISO-13485)

Control ranges

Industrial statistics

Process optimization

Process planning and modeling, Product, Service

Quality standards & standardization

Measurements & tests

3D Metrology

Automated inspection (imaging, vision, artificial intelligence, pattern recognition)

Modeling of inspection systems

Non-destructive testing standard and non-standard

Uncertainties propagation

Automated documents processing


Big Data

Data and text mining

Digital Image processing

Document analysis

Document interpretation

Pattern Recognition, Signature verification, Face recognition, Handwriting recognition

Green technologies

  Sustainable development Telco Cloud

Quantification of the carbon emission reduction

Reducing carbon emissions through the use of cloud computing and virtualization


Classification, archiving, automatic identification for multimedia

Graphical representation of data

Indexing data

Information architecture, ontology, semantic


Multidisciplinary information technology for construction (IFC, BIM, etc ...)

Reuse of product development information

Securing content and its access

Suppression of engineering drawings


Cloud computing, Gestion & sécurité, Hadoop

Optimization of databases related to processes

Engineering & sustainable businesses

Information management

Informal information system between human

Information quality

Information system with software

Watch process and social networks

Organizational transformation

Aid for design of the orgtanisations

Collaborative management

Organizational architecture

Sustainable strategies

Technology management

Adoption of new technologies by employees

Agile method

Innovation management

Collaborative platforms

Methodology for creativity, ideation

Methodology for Knowledge Management

Technology transfer

Logistics & production

Analysis, planning, scheduling and optimization of the supply chain

Design and planning of sustainable supply chains

Green logistics

Management and inventory optimization

Manufacturing networks and smart services

Operations Research

Optimization of transport flows

Process analysis and optimization

Production / Operations management (MRP SAP, etc ...)


RFID technology




Simulation and optimization of manufacturing systems

Product lifecycle management (PLM)

Development strategies

Digital tools improvement

Highly Productive Digital engineering (4D CAD & Knowledge Management)

Modeling software for the optimization of multiphysics processes

Plagiarism Detector for CFAO


Knowledge Management

Methods and tools for design

Systems Engineering

Project management

Before the project

Ideas management

Management of multidisciplinary teams

Planning & analysis

Analysis of the added value

Building construction project (construction, waste, commissioning, operations)

Feasibility analysis

Maturity analysis

Performance analysis of manufacturing systems

Planning (Options, Cost and Value)

Profitability analysis

Simultaneous engineering

Project management (PMI)

Risk & change management

Change management

Environmental and human impacts

Management of improvements

Re-engineering process

Risk assessment

Continuous improvement

Educational context

industrial context


Six Sigma