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Adventure/Travel by Mind Map: Adventure/Travel
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Train of States By Peter Sis

Celebrate the 50 States By Loreen Leedy

-The students would use these books to create 2 posters of two different States. The teacher would have a hat with all the different States Names in it and each student would draw 2 States from the hat. The students would research the States that they picked and find 10 new facts about each State. The students would make 2 different posters for each State they had to research. The students will be encouraged to be creative with their posters (Drawing, photos, comical, etc). After the students have made their posters, they will share with the class 6 new facts they learned and how the States they had were similar. -The teacher will also emphazsize that these books are an example of non-fiction and compare them to fiction books.

Scrambled States of America By Laurie Keller

Our 50 States: A family Adventure Across America By Lynne Cheney

Wish You Were Here- Emily's Guide to the 50 States By Kathleen Krull

Geogra-Fleas! By Joan Holub


Message In The Mailbox By Loreen Leedy

A North American Rain Forest Scrapbook By Virginia Wright-Frierson

Goodbye For Today: The diary of a young girl at sea By Peter & Connie Roop

-The students will be making their own travel scrapbook. The students will bring in pictures, souvenirs, postcards, etc from past trips that they have been on. The teacher will provide the students with a scrapbook and they will have to fill it will all of the things that they brought from home. The students will have to structure their scrapbook with a table of contents, labels, glossary, and page number. The students will also have to write 1 letter to a friend or family member that tells all about their “travels”, and 1 postcard to someone. -The Students will also be writing to one of the Authors. They will write a letter with correct format and write what they liked about the book and why. - After reading Goodbye For Today, the students will have a class discussion on the character in the book and make connections to their life.

The Kids Guide to Making Scrapbooks & Photo Albums By Laura Check

Stringbrean's Trip to the Shining Sea By Vera. B. Williams


There's a Map in my Lap By Tish Rabe

-After reading these books the students would have a choice to make a map of their school, house,town, favorite place, or treasure map. The students would use these books to help guide them through the process of making an accurate map. The students will also write a poem that relates to their map. After reading Got Geography, the teacher will give the students a packet of different poems to help model their poem. -The "Road Adventure USA" would be used after the lesson on budgeting and students would be paired up to use this sofware. They would go on a "real adventure" that has real problems along the way.

Map Mania By Michael A. DiSpezio

Got Geography! By Lee Bennett Hopkins

Maps By Harvie Weiss

Road Adventures USA


Rock, Brock, and the Savings Shock

Kids' Money Book By Neale Godfrey

Real World Math By Donna Guthrie & Jan Stiles

The students will be creating their own travel budget. The teacher will provide each student with a scenario that they will have to use to create their budget. The students will have to figure out how much money they would have to earn and save, how long they would have to work to save the money needed, how much the trip will cost, and if they can afford the trip. The students will have to figure out if they could afford the trip and if they can, how many days they could go on the vacation for. The following is an example of what the teacher would hand out to the students: Job/or allowance: How much you make per hour/per week: How much the train/plane/boat/car(gas) would cost: How much a Hotel would cost: Where you will be traveling to: Students will have to factor in food expenses, fun money, and various expenses that will come up.

Creating a Budget By Gillian Houghton

Follow the Money By Loreen Leedy

Dinosaurs Travel By Laurie and Marc Brown

Babar's USA By Lauent De Brunoff

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After reading these books as a class, the students will write about a trip or adventure that they have been on.The students will write a 3 paragraph essay that will be shared with the class. After the students finish their story, they will have to give and oral presentation. The students will also have the opportunity to use the Global Trek website to explore travel around the world.