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Gamification by Mind Map: Gamification

1. Techniques

1.1. Rules

1.2. Constant feedback

1.3. Chance / luck / unpredictable

1.4. Gathering resources

1.5. Monitoring

1.6. Equal chances for participants

2. Elements

2.1. Intrinsic value

2.1.1. Autonomy

2.1.2. Mastery

2.1.3. Power

2.1.4. Meaning

2.1.5. Belonging

2.1.6. Learning

2.1.7. Fun

2.1.8. Love

2.1.9. Satisfaction

2.2. External elements

2.2.1. Avatars

2.2.2. Teams

2.2.3. Objectives

2.2.4. Dynamics Time-based patterns & systems Pacing Progressive unlocks Appointments Reward schedules Habits Surprise Addiction Dynamic schedules

2.2.5. Mechanics Systems & features that make progress visible Points Points track & measure progress Levels Give pacing, unlocks, status Leaderboards Showcase active, engaged players Badges Goals Progress Collecting Collections Goals Completion Surprise Journey Lifecycle + progression Virtual currency Challenges / missions Competition Bragging Taunting Challenging Collaboration Sharing Helping Gifting Greeting Self-expression Customizing Selecting Designing Creating How to Choose top 5 progress mechanics Rank-order & customize

2.2.6. Aesthetics The overall experience that yields emotional engagement Curiosity Satisfaction Surprise Trust Delight Fun Envy Pride Connection

2.2.7. Social Actions How players engage with each other Who am I playing with? How are we engaging? What are we engaging around? Why are they playing? What problem are they solving? What game are they already playing? What are they optimizing? Who's funding the project? Why? What's the payoff?

3. Considerations

3.1. Balance skill & challenge [flow]

3.2. As they progress, players have different needs

3.3. Rookies need onboarding

3.3.1. Welcome

3.3.2. Goals

3.3.3. Progress

3.3.4. Achievable rewards

3.4. Experts need fresh content/activities/people

3.4.1. Also status

3.4.2. Customization

3.4.3. Powertools

3.5. Masters need exclusivity

3.5.1. Access

3.5.2. Activities

3.5.3. Unlocks

3.6. Which social actions do you enable? Map them to player journey

3.7. The better you get, the harder you have to work to earn rewards

3.8. Let players EARN the right to see the global leaderboard

3.9. Guide players through actions that will advance their progress

3.10. Reminders encourage often check-ins

4. Player types

4.1. Bartle

4.1.1. Killers: Acting + Players Harass Hack Cheat Taunt Heckle Tease

4.1.2. Achievers: Acting + World Win Challenge Create Showoff Compare

4.1.3. Socializers: Interacting + Players Express Like Share Help Comment Give Greet

4.1.4. Explorers: Interacting + world View Vote Explore Rate Curate Review