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CRM by Mind Map: CRM

1. Customer relationship Management

2. advantages

2.1. Gives loyalty to the clients

2.2. Provides a great service

3. Disadvantages

3.1. Brings extra cost to the company

3.2. You need to find encouraged people to serve your customers

4. Look of your CRM page

4.1. You need a strong website where you can embed your CRM page.

4.1.1. it has to be wel structured to provide a client friendly use.

5. What is CRM?

5.1. CRM provides information and solutions to your customers that have bought a product from your enterprise. If there are problems you can contact the after sales departement but actually that is CRM. It maintains and obtains the satisfaction of your customers.

6. Why make use of CRM

6.1. To keep your customers satisfied and obtain brand loyalty what is in today's business very important.

7. 1. What is CRM? 2. What’s the relevance of CRM-software for a business? 3. SugarCRM. Main functionality of the Sales Page? 4. SugarCRM. Main functionality of the Marketing Page? 5. SugarCRM. Provide an overview of 5 different Reports. Added value? 6. Select one of those 2 scenario’s: your the director of an SMB or the marketing manager of an enterprise (international context). What would motivate you to integrate and promote a CRM solution for your business ? 7. 3 critical success factors for an CRM-implementation?