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Effective executive by Mind Map: Effective executive
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Effective executive

7. Effective decision

1st rule of decision making

Do not start with assumptions that 1 course is right and others wrong

Is a decision really necessary?

A decision requires courage as much as it requires judgment

6. The elements of decision-making

Effective Execs do not make a great many decisions

The Elements of decision process

5. First things first


Ineffective Exec


4. Making strength productive

To achieve results one cannot build on weaknesses

To Make strengths productive is the unique purpose of an organization

3. Results not efforts

The man who focuses on efforts is a subordinate no matter how exalted his title or rank

But the man who focuses on contribution and who takes responsibility for results is in the most literal sense of the phrase -- top management

Having an outside orientation

What can I and no one else do which if done really well would make a real difference to this company

Four basic requirements of effective human relations

2. Know your time

three-step process to finding effectiveness

1. Effectiveness can be learned

There is little correlation between a man's effectiveness and his intelligence, his imagination or knowledge



The flow of events

Effectiveness is not personality trait is a set of practices that can be learned

In order to be effective we do not need mastery but we do need competence in the following five habits