KR Punch List

Here is the final punch list, as approved by the client.

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KR Punch List by Mind Map: KR Punch List

1. Exposed Items

1.1. Service providers should be able to respond to member reviews on their performance.

2. Documentation

2.1. Dev Team Documentation

2.2. Training Manual

3. SecureLive Installed

3.1. Just need to confirm

4. Book Directory

4.1. Search Notes

4.1.1. Improved Search Functionalities Category Tags Author By Review Rating? (overall and individual elements scoring) Newest Highest Lowest

4.2. Verify Appropriate Form Fields

4.2.1. Data Collection Form

4.2.2. Service Provider Sketch

4.3. Category Changes

4.3.1. Under fiction subcategory/subgenre, modify "detective" to be "detective/police procedural" under nonfiction, add "narrative nonfiction" as a category

4.4. Single Book Profile

4.5. View All

4.6. Category View

5. Adjust and Adapt Style

5.1. Zoo Widgetkit

5.1.1. Background color for widgetket items

5.1.2. how can I reset the defaults so the sliders stay closed until the user clicks on it?

5.2. Specific Pages

5.2.1. Forms fields are too light

6. Author

6.1. 1. We want to collect one other piece of information: an open text field that we'll call Tagline. This will appear just under the author's name and it's their one-sentence "me in a nutshell" statement.

6.2. 2. I'd also like to show their genres, pulled from the books they upload, ideally ... if not, we can just ask them to give us their primary genre(s) ... up to 3.

6.3. Multiple pen names per author. At this point let's just find out if it's hard to have multiple author profiles per member. Writing under several pen names is the exception not the rule. UPDATE: we WILL need a way to accommodate multiple pen names per author.

6.4. Author Submission Form

6.4.1. Author profile view - this is what a visitor sees when they click on the Author's name EXCEPT they see the "Books by this Author" from the book directory. Only the author sees links to edit their book profile and review-related tasks

7. Reviews

7.1. There should be a provision for hiding/revealing spoilers (It can be as simple as “This review contains spoilers. Click here to view it”)

7.2. The author should be notified when a review is posted

7.3. The author (and ONLY the author) should have a “Concerns about this review?” link under the review so they can contact us if a reviewer has not followed community or reviewer guidelines

7.4. How are books transmitted to reviewers? (email? File download?)

7.5. SERVICE PROVIDER REVIEWS: Author members should be able to provide reviews on service providers ANONYMOUSLY or signed.

7.6. Ensure that author members who do not upload a book receive their initial 10 points when they do, ultimately, upload a book to the system (e.g.,people who pay to be author members while still completing their first book)

7.7. System

7.7.1. Review Listing

7.7.2. Reviewer Profile Data Entry Form:

7.7.3. Ability to see reviews by anonymous reviewer (that is, "See all reviews by this reviewer" option -

7.7.4. Sort reviews by Date submitted, stars::

7.7.5. A book can have multiple reviews assigned at a time.

7.7.6. Reviewer only have one review assignment at a time

7.7.7. when no reviewer found, notify Admin - do NOT notify author [How is this expressed?]

7.7.8. review assignments need to be moderated

7.7.9. Notes from original MM Submit Reviews Reviews Rush Review System Keyword/Tag Improvements Cancelling Assigned Review

7.8. Reviewer Profile

7.9. Make the option to submit a review disappear in a reviewer's Dashboard on day 32 for a regular review and day 18 for a Rush Review (that is, if a review has not been submitted by day 32/18, cancel the review assignment and boot it back to review administrator for reassignment. The reviewer no longer has to option to submit the review late.

8. Client Tasks

8.1. Add Content to These Pages

8.1.1. Pages to be listed

8.2. Edit Mosaic

8.2.1. James will Assist with this

8.3. Payment Gateway

9. Development

9.1. Automate Akeeba Backup

10. Bugs

10.1. Front End Editing Problem

10.2. Insufficient Permissions

11. Open Questions

11.1. find a better contact form to use

12. Future Considerations

12.1. Simple gamification system to help incentivize Reader members (badges and leaderboards, the ability to run campaigns/contests, etc)

12.2. Book Store (Purchasing Books in in Directory

12.3. Forums

13. Service Provider Directory

13.1. We invite KR members who have experience with a given vendor to review the vendor's performance. The review can be either signed with their user name or provided anonymously, using their member id. Members who've used a vendor's services for a book listed on our site have the opportunity to cross=link their book with the vendor and provide a signed review. If, on the other hand, they've had a less than positive experience with the vendor, they can post an anonymous review of the vendor's performance using their member ID. NOTE, however, that the service provider needs to be able to post a response to the review if they dispute the facts cited.

13.2. For a range of reasons, I've decided NOT to have vendors pay to be included in the directory. Providers can create a free listing if they agree to our Terms and Conditions (see notes below about updates to the vendor profile questionnaire): Required: offer KR members an exclusive discount or premium (min. 20%) Requested: help us promote KR (e.g., by posting our logo with a clickable link to our site in the "We recommend" section of their website, blog, social media pages; recommending KR to clients, etc). We will offer your clients a 20% discount on their membership to KR. Required: Understand that this directory is to provided to help KR members make more informed decisions about the service providers they hire. We encourage KR members to post reviews, both positive and negative, about their experiences with service providers. Members are required to maintain professional standards and include only relevant, factual information in their reviews. Reviews that do not meet these standards are subject to removal according to our community guidelines. If you disagree with the facts reported in a review you will be given the opportunity to post a response. Your response is likewise subject to our community guidelines and must be professional in tone and limited in content to relevant, factual information. Required: update their listing when prompted (every 6 months, just like members are prompted to update their reviewer profile). Requested: Contribute one guest blog post/yr (content subject to approval). The vendor profile questionnaire will open with the Terms and Conditions (I'll write), which they'll have to accept to create a listing in our directory. In addition to the questions I've already listed, we'll need to add a few more questions/functions: What percentage discount are you willing to offer exclusively to KR members? (minimum 20%) Please provide html so we can link to your site with the coupon code. Help us promote Kindred Readers by including us in the "We Recommend" section of your website or blog. We provide embeddable code with a 20% discount on membership coupon, traceable back to them. Let me know if this will greatly complicate building out a searchable db

13.3. Search

13.4. Sign Up Form

14. Admin UI

14.1. Token Control

14.2. Reports

14.2.1. Overdue Reviews

14.2.2. Book Stats

14.2.3. Reviewer Stats

14.2.4. Member Account Status Birthday Report

14.2.5. Token Stats

14.2.6. User Reports

14.3. Internal Messaging System

14.3.1. Messaging System How are we handling standard messages between KR and members? How will the internal messaging system work? You’ve been assigned a review Reviewer communication form (i.e., I decline to review, my review will be late, I have a conflict of interest) Review due date reminders A review of your book has just been posted I have a concern about a review of my book

15. User Account

15.1. Member Dashboard

16. Token System

16.1. Limit amount of tokens a user can spend per month (needs to be adjustable)

16.2. tokens Earned When

16.2.1. Assigned Review is Completed within grace period

16.2.2. When Author completes signup path (reviewer profile, author profile, at least one book profile complete)

16.2.3. Affiliate/Referral Link System Member Referrals Like us on Facebook User Tweets upon joining

16.2.4. Reviews are cross-posted to book vendor sites

16.3. Built With

16.3.1. Fabrik Whats it doing Display Token Balance Who is it for For Front End Users Notes Challenges Questions

16.3.2. Dashboard Component Notes Challenges Questions Who is it for Whats it doing Function inside models

17. User Path

17.1. Public

17.1.1. Reader (FREE) Effort Required to be explored Exposed Items Hidden Items

17.1.2. Author (PAID) Exposed Items Hidden Items

17.1.3. Service Provider (FREE) Hidden Items Service Providers need to have access to Affiliate/Referral system so they can help publicize

17.2. Original Notes

17.2.1. If Author Paid Subscription

18. Wireframe Sketches

19. Page Layouts

19.1. Contact Page

19.2. Homepage

19.3. Token Claim Form

19.4. About

19.5. Support

20. Blog

21. Tagging System

21.1. Have a Question

21.2. High Priority

21.3. Item Posted POST 1/3 [After Developer Export]

22. Rush Tasks

22.1. "Tokens Earned" Article

22.2. Possible Way to make wiwidgetkit accordians start collapsed

22.2.1. Possible Way to make wiwidgetkit accordians start collapsed