Matt Morain's Techno-Teaching Philosophy: A Web of Pedagogy

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Matt Morain's Techno-Teaching Philosophy: A Web of Pedagogy by Mind Map: Matt Morain's Techno-Teaching Philosophy: A Web of Pedagogy

1. Technology

1.1. Multiliteracies

1.1.1. Functional Basic understanding/use Utilizing existing tutorials Patient/constant responses to e-mails and questions One-on-one instruction

1.1.2. Critical Questioning use/cultural assumptions through thoughtful discussion Aware of implications of digital use

1.1.3. Rhetorical Reflective production/use Moving beyond WYSIWYG

1.2. Enthusiasm w/o Determinism

1.2.1. Lesson/activity drives technology, not other way around

1.2.2. Technology = contextualized

1.2.3. Nurture culture of curiosity, experimentation Know where each student stands with technology from the beginning

1.3. Building ethos: I am a...

1.3.1. Dedicated practitioner

1.3.2. Committed experimenter

1.3.3. Avid consumer

1.3.4. Vocal critic

2. Humor

2.1. Topoi

2.1.1. College life

2.1.2. In the news

2.1.3. Around the interwebz

2.2. Classroom Environment

2.2.1. Casual Students are comfortable

2.2.2. Lively Students are engaged

2.2.3. Fresh Students are curious

2.3. Did the attempt resonate with students?

2.3.1. Yes

2.3.2. Not Really

2.3.3. Absolutely Not

3. Rhetoric

3.1. Analysis

3.1.1. Textual Speeches Editorials

3.1.2. Visual Ads Photos

3.1.3. Digital Websites Software

3.2. Style

3.2.1. Metaphor

3.3. Audience

3.3.1. Know Connect Challenge

4. New node