My work: what I do, what I've done

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My work: what I do, what I've done by Mind Map: My work:  what I do, what I've done

1. speaking elsewhere

1.1. in companies

1.1.1. usually blog/social media stuff

1.2. in social/medical settings

1.2.1. teenager stuff

1.3. about languages

1.4. about coworking

1.5. about freelancing

1.6. about blogs

1.7. about social media

1.8. about facebook

1.9. about social network portability

1.10. talks are tricky: sometimes I charge, sometimes I don't

2. managing blogs like EBF and KS (editor)

3. teaching freelancers how to start a site

4. writing

4.1. specialized content like on

4.2. articles for mainstream press

4.3. bloggy stuff like on FdP and EBF

5. teaching people how to blog

5.1. individually

5.2. classes

5.3. freelancers

5.4. companies

5.5. individuals

6. train people on wordpress (using and administering)

7. speaking in schools

7.1. to teenagers

7.2. to teachers

7.3. to parents

8. consulting

8.1. startups

8.1.1. for their communication and use of social media

8.1.2. for their product

8.2. "what's this social media stuff and how can we use it?" (strategic)

8.3. improving office efficiency (dealing with incoming requests) through better organisation // website, e-mail, phone

8.4. New node

9. blogger relations for events

9.1. managing accreditations (high demand) e.g. LeWeb

9.2. gaining visibility for the event amongst bloggers and making them active about it (e.g. Web 2.0 Expo Berlin 2008)

10. giving computer classes to (mainly) older folks who feel completely lost

11. expert reviews of websites

12. what I haven't done yet but would like to

12.1. language-related consulting

12.2. experiential marketing

12.3. give basic wordpress admin classes (for webmasters maybe)

12.3.1. installing and upgrading

12.3.2. plugins: finding, installing, modifying, writing (simple)

12.3.3. fooling around with themes (a little security and CSS)

12.4. regular teaching gig in professional schools / uni (adults)

12.5. live-blogging

12.5.1. already did it a lot but never paid, would have to be outside the industry, pretty obviously

13. social media training (general, not just blogging)