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MindMapping Class at SEO by Mind Map: MindMapping Class at SEO

1. Less time than reading through paragraphs of notes again

2. Katya Seberson

2.1. 25

2.2. born

2.3. entreprenuer

2.4. created products

2.5. flipped equation

2.5.1. short lived

2.5.2. not enjoyable

2.6. Something I really care about

3. Lifelong Learning

3.1. Ongoing

3.2. Voluntary

3.3. Self Motivated

3.3.1. Pursuit of K

4. Executive Mind

4.1. Corporate Training

4.2. Busy Professionals

4.3. Core

4.3.1. Speed Reading SAT Reading

5. Organize your Reading Space

5.1. Light

5.1.1. Left Read from L-R

5.2. Posture

5.2.1. long time blood circulation legs continues

5.2.2. thigs parallel

5.2.3. lower legs perpenicular

5.2.4. Back straight 45% angle Book Holder 1 of those as a door prize

5.3. Feet flat on the floor

5.3.1. easy to remember

5.3.2. grounded energy heart opening

6. Notetaking

6.1. Before

6.1.1. Arrive tools

6.1.2. Read

6.1.3. Sit Close

6.2. After

6.2.1. Write a summary

6.2.2. Look over your notes

6.2.3. Go Back Same Day

6.2.4. 90 minutes Short Term and Long Term Memory

6.2.5. Spaced Learning

6.3. During

6.3.1. Cues

6.3.2. Choose

6.3.3. NOT Trascribe

6.3.4. Summarize, Key Words

6.4. Tools

6.4.1. Laptop Touchtype Shortcuts Wifi OFF Heavy Science Evernote to organize

6.4.2. Pen & Paper Linear Only Transcribe Non-Linear

7. Spaced Learning

7.1. 2005

7.2. Douglass Fields

7.3. Biology of Memory

7.3.1. How actually Brain Creates Memory?

7.4. National institute of Child Health and Development

7.5. Biological Basis of memory

7.5.1. pathways of cells Linked Together Within Brain

7.5.2. Field's team Focus Each Cell Show Cell Stimulation Surprize Stimulation

7.6. What do we remember best?

7.6.1. Info we consciously processed

7.6.2. turned in K

7.6.3. K Result of personalizing info Convert Info Input Evaluating

8. MindMap

8.1. How to make

8.1.1. Horizontally

8.1.2. Begin with

8.1.3. Main Idea in the center

8.1.4. key Ideas For Understanding and Remembering the entire topic Radiate Out From

8.1.5. Each Branch One idea related

8.1.6. Hierarchy Topic Sub-topic

8.2. My Recommendations

8.2.1. Print, not Write in script Use lowercase Occasional Capit lttrs for emphasys

8.2.2. abbriviate by dltng vowels

8.2.3. place words above lines No More 3 words

8.2.4. Use colored pens ides coherence

8.2.5. Use Fix idea in Stimulate recall

8.3. Why Mindmaps Work

8.3.1. Personal Involvement check out and transribe Not rewrite notes in a notesbook Mechanical

8.3.2. Multi-Channel Learning Read Write Hear Draw Visual Imagery

8.3.3. Organization Forces to organize material Priorities and connections

8.3.4. Association Mimic Brain Connecting ideas in non-linear fashion

8.3.5. Keywords non Complete sentences ides Memory hooks

8.3.6. Integration of left and right brain Left Verbal, Analytic, logical mind Right Brain penchent for

8.4. When to use Mindmaps

8.4.1. Taking Original Notes books articles lectures and meetings

8.4.2. Retrieve stored information Book prepare for exam mindmap of a chapter

8.5. Spider Diagram

9. Where do we read?

10. Lack of Focus

10.1. Quiet Internal Chatter

10.1.1. Think on Paper

11. Life is terrible thing