LEGAL RESEARCH TOOLS (Dr.Behnam Rastegari) Download my papers at:

The present Mind Map assists the law and legal researchers to conduct a research based on the legal online databases and tools to save the time and increase the quality of research.

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LEGAL RESEARCH TOOLS (Dr.Behnam Rastegari) Download my papers at: by Mind Map: LEGAL RESEARCH TOOLS (Dr.Behnam Rastegari) Download my papers at:

1. Writing Legal Papers

1.1. Writing and editing tools

1.1.1. Microsoft Word

1.1.2. Ginger Proofreading Software

1.1.3. StyleWriter

1.1.4. SpellChecker

1.1.5. Paper Rater

1.1.6. SpringerExemplar

1.1.7. Remove Line Breaks

1.1.8. Spinner

1.1.9. Microsoft Translator

1.1.10. Texmaker

1.1.11. Line Break Remove

1.1.12. Synonyms and Antonyms

1.1.13. Edanz English Editing

1.1.14. Elsevier Editorial System

1.1.15. Elsevier for authors (How to publish in Elsevier)

1.1.16. Keyword Eye

1.1.17. Authorea

1.1.18. Wordle

1.1.19. Grammar and Spell-Checker

1.1.20. Springer Author Academy

1.2. Targeting suitable journals

1.2.1. Journal Citation Report

1.2.2. Master Journal List

1.2.3. Scopus Journal Analyzer

1.2.4. Predatory Open Access Scholarly Journals

1.2.5. Springer Journal Author Academy

1.2.6. Elsevier Journal Finder

1.2.7. Edanz

1.2.8. SCImago Journal & Country Rank (SJR)

1.2.9. Elsevier Open Access Journals

1.2.10. Open Science Directory

1.2.11. SHERPA/RoMEO

1.2.12. All Information System Journals

1.2.13. Law Journals: Submissions and Rankings

1.2.14. PapersInvited

1.2.15. ExpressO

1.2.16. Journal Guide

1.3. Enhancing citations

1.3.1. Networking Academia Behnam Researchgate Behnam Malaysian Experts Behnam Linkedin Behnam My Science Work SAGE Methodspace Twitter Behnam Facebook

1.3.2. Webpage

1.3.3. Online CV ORCID Behnam Google Scholar Citation Behnam ResearcherID Behnam

1.3.4. Self-Archive Self-archive Permission Sherpa/Romeo Copyright Clearance Center

1.4. Avoiding plagiarism

1.4.1. Turnitin

1.4.2. Viper

1.4.3. iThenticate

1.4.4. Plagiarism Detect

1.4.5. Plagiarisma

1.4.6. Plagiarism Tools List

1.4.7. Viper

1.4.8. Plagiarism Detect

1.4.9. Plagiarism Checker

1.4.10. Dupli Checker


1.5. Managing references

1.5.1. EndNote EndNote Web EndNote YouTube Training Transfer Bibliography to Endnote

1.5.2. Mendeley

1.5.3. Zotero

1.5.4. Bibliogo

1.5.5. dtSrarch

1.5.6. Qiqqa

1.5.7. Sente 6

1.5.8. Cross Ref

1.5.9. Citelighter

1.5.10. Easybib

1.5.11. Docear

1.5.12. Colwiz

1.5.13. Citavi

1.5.14. Jabref

1.5.15. ReadCube

1.5.16. Wizfolio

1.6. Data Analysis

1.6.1. SPSS

1.6.2. NVivo

1.7. Retraction Watch

2. Online Legal Sources for Legal Studies and Professionals

2.1. Researching Court Cases and Documents

2.1.1. Lexis Nexis Lexis Malaysia

2.1.2. Westlaw Westlaw Malaysia

2.1.3. CLJ

2.1.4. eLaw

2.1.5. Avalon Project

2.1.6. European Court of Human Rights Case Laws

2.2. Statutes and Legislation

2.2.1. WorldLII

2.2.2. The United Kingdoms Statutes UK Parliament UK Court Services UK Law Reports

2.2.3. The United States of America Statutes USA Laws and Regulations US Code Cornell University Law School Collection GPO Justice THOMAS Governmentatic MetaVid Opencrs USA gov Oyez Supreme Court Web Guide to US Supreme Court US Court of Appeals American Law Sources Onlone Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) RECAP the Law US Courts Forms

2.2.4. Malaysian Statutes Lawnet Attorney General Chambers of Malaysia (AGC) Federal Gazette MLTIC

2.2.5. Indian Statutes

2.2.6. United Nations Treaty Collection

2.2.7. European Union Laws

2.2.8. European Law Europa ECHR Eur-Lex SCADPLUS

2.2.9. ASEAN Laws ASEAN Law Association NUS Collection ASEAN Legal Information Network System

2.2.10. Constitution Finder

2.2.11. Indonesian Legislation

2.3. Online Citators

2.3.1. KeyCite Westlaw

2.3.2. KeyCite Westlaw Next

2.3.3. Shepard's Lexis Nexis Citation Service Shepard's Citation

2.3.4. The Blubook

2.3.5. The Bluebook

2.3.6. Oxford Law Citator

2.4. Legal Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

2.4.1. American Jurisprudence

2.4.2. Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law (MPEPIL)

2.4.3. NOLO Legal Encyclopedia

2.4.4. Lectlaw

2.4.5. Legal Dictionary

2.4.6. Duhaime's Law Dictionary

2.4.7. Visual THESAURUS

2.4.8. Wordink

2.4.9. FindLaw Legal Dictionary

2.4.10. Legal Dictionary Nolo

2.4.11. European Online Dictionary

2.5. Useful Law Information Webs and Research Sites

2.5.1. Comprehensive Legal Research Sites Bloomberg Law CataLaw Kentlaw FindLaw HG Legal Resources Internet Legal Resource Guide JUSTIA Law Library of Congress Legal Information Institute Lexis Nexis Legal Newsroom The Public Library of Law Public Resource JUSTIA Virtual Chase TheLawNet Indiana Law Library Asian Legal Business Yahoo-Law WashLaw Casemaker Legal Technology Resource Center (LTRC) Duke Law Legal Profession Links Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations Duke Law Legal Web Portal Links Trans Lex GlobaLex Electronic Discovery Law Open Directory Project: Legal Information Law and Policy Institutions Guide GLIN Jurist Bluebook of Law Reviews Abbreviations Industrial Law Society Legal Beatstream Bartleby Quotations Biblomania Quoteland Quotes and Sayings Above the Law Libdex Library Law Blog Dumb Laws NOLO Legalbizdev ECHR Library Lawtel Avalon Project

2.5.2. Law Review and Journals bepress Legal Repository ABA Journal FindLaw (List of law journals) High Beam High Wire ingenta Openj Gate

2.5.3. Associations and Directories World Jurists Association American Bar Association Avvo Legal Match Dri Martindale The Robin Room Women, Business and the Law

2.5.4. Countries law issues Websites National Indian Law Library eLawyer Malaysia NCJRS The Legal Review MLTIC Meta-Index for Legal Research Slaw

2.5.5. International Law Websites EISIL Opinio Juris ASIL Find Law International Resources FLARE University of Minnesota Law Library European Court of Human Rights Asia Pacific Forum of National Human Rights Instutution Center for World Indigenous Studies International Criminal Court NUY LAW Oxford Reports on International Law Comparative and International Law Links The European Library International Legal Research Tutorial World Digital Library The World Justice Project

2.5.6. Legal NEWS beSpacific evestigate FindLaw Legal news NEWS Legal Blog Watch

2.5.7. Human Rights Websites Human Rights Watch Amnesty International UN Human Rights Council

2.6. Search Engines

2.6.1. Google

2.6.2. Yahoo

2.6.3. bing

2.6.4. HotBot


2.6.6. LYCOS

2.6.7. mamma

2.6.8. Answeres

2.6.9. Zoo

2.6.10. Ask

2.6.11. ZapMeta

2.6.12. dogpile

3. Searching Legal Literatures

3.1. Non subscription-based legal databases (Free Access)

3.1.1. Google Scholar Google Scholar Search for Case Laws

3.1.2. FindLaw FindLaw Case and Codes FindLaw for Legal Professionals

3.1.3. Oxford Law Report on International Law

3.1.4. United Nations Treaty Collection (UNTC)

3.1.5. World Legal Information Institute (WORLDLII) British and Irish Legal Information Institute (BAILII) Canadian Legal Information Institute (CANLII) Australian Legal Information Institute (AUSTLII) New Zealand Legal Information Institute (NZLII) Southern African Legal Information Institute (SAFLII) Pacific Island Legal Information Institute (PACLII) Legal Information Institute of India (LII of India) Commonwealth Legal Information Institute (CommonLII) Asian Legal Information Institute (AsianLII) Hong Kong Legal Information Institute (HkII)

3.1.6. DRAGENT

3.2. Subscription-based legal databases

3.2.1. Westlaw WestlawNext West's Key Number System TWEN Online Courseware Legalsolutions for Legal Softwares Westlaw Malaysia

3.2.2. Lexis Nexis LexisNexis Academic LexisNexis Academic Youtube Chanell Lexis Malaysia Lexis Nexis Legal Newsroom

3.2.3. HeinOnline HeinOnline Youtube Chanell Fast CASE

3.2.4. Current Law Journal (CLJ)

3.2.5. JustCite

3.2.6. Lawnet

3.2.7. eLaw

3.2.8. IndexMaster

3.3. Non subscription-bases multidisciplinary databases (Free Access)

3.3.1. Google Scholar

3.3.2. DOAJ

3.3.3. SAGE Online Journals

3.3.4. Microsoft Academic Search

3.3.5. ERIC (Education Resources Information Center

3.3.6. Noor Specialized Magazines Website

3.3.7. Google Book

3.3.8. Social Science Research Network (SSRN)

3.3.9. Social Science Open Access Repository (SSOAR)

3.4. Subscription-based multidisciplinary database

3.4.1. Web of Science

3.4.2. Scopus

3.4.3. JSTOR

3.4.4. ScienceDirect

3.4.5. SpringerLink

3.4.6. ProQuest Dissertation and Thesis Fulltext

3.4.7. JSTOR DFR

3.5. Theses and Dissertaion

3.5.1. Top 30 Web Tools to Search dissertaions

3.5.2. ProQuest dissertation and theses database

3.5.3. Open Access Theses and Dissertaion

3.5.4. Iranian Thesis and Dissertations Irandoc

3.5.5. Thesis Generators Thesis Builder Thesis Generator Thesis Outline Marker Thesis Statement Creator

3.6. List of Academic Databases and Search Engines