Chapter 21, Section 2 Louis XIV

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Chapter 21, Section 2 Louis XIV by Mind Map: Chapter 21, Section 2 Louis XIV

1. Religious wars and power struggles

1.1. 1572 the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre in Paris

1.2. Henry of Navarrea was robust, athleti, and handsome.

1.3. Henry declared that the Huguenots could live in peace and this was called Edict of Nantes

1.4. After Henry IV's death his son Louis XIII reigned

2. Writers Turn Toward Skepticism

2.1. Skepticism is the idea that nothing can ever be known for certain

3. Louis XIV comes to power

3.1. Louis XIV was the most powerful ruler in french history

3.2. Intendants are government agents who collected taxes and administered justice

4. The Sun King's Grand Style

4.1. The kings style was royalty. he did nothing himself. including having his clothes put on for him, having his food prepared to his precice tastelikeness.

5. Louis Fights Disastrous wars

5.1. france had a hardtime expanding there land. french longed for peace and quiet.