Teaching Social Studies with Technology

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Teaching Social Studies with Technology by Mind Map: Teaching Social Studies with Technology

1. Student Personal/life-long advantages

1.1. Networking

1.2. Allows exposure to multitudes of perspectives that can help create informed, responsible citizens.

1.3. More student control over learning can instill strong feelings of self-efficacy that can help further their potential in school and life.

1.4. Provides useful internet skills that will serve students well in the ever-growing, technological era

1.5. Can inspire life-long learning

1.6. Can create a place for safe self expression that can help students develop better flow, articulation and confidence in writing and speaking- this can create a better way for students to develop ideas.

2. Challenges

2.1. Access to all

2.2. Resources for professional development in integrating technology into curriculum

2.3. Resources/time/ability to teach web literacy skills as well as content skills

2.4. Making sure it is used in a meaningful way

3. Academic Advantages

3.1. Critical thinking skills

3.2. literacy skills

3.3. Increases in engaging activities increases motivation and achievement.

3.4. Provides lessons in discerning and limiting bias

3.5. Develops research skills that will help students in higher level educational settings.

3.6. Can help hone writing skills and development of ideas.

4. Teacher benefits

4.1. ability to engage students in more ways to promote interest and achievement

4.2. Teaching students to take control of their learning can positively affect their students' life-long success.

4.3. Access to new and useful sources to use in the classroom.

4.4. Teachers can become more accessible to their students and their parents, allowing better communication which will hopefully bring about higher student success/achievement.