Schoology - 101 Basics - LMS

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Schoology - 101 Basics - LMS by Mind Map: Schoology - 101 Basics - LMS

1. Conceptual Understanding of an LMS

1.1. Let's look at Mentoring Course and their beginning steps into Blended Learning

2. Selection Process

2.1. District has investigated with a team of teachers, admins, staff to select

2.1.1. Process has taken over 1 year investigating this selection

2.1.2. Evaluated over 12 LMS

3. Overview

3.1. Toolbar

3.1.1. Home, Courses, Groups, Resources, Name Dropdown

3.2. Sidebar

4. Help Center

5. Course - Practice Time

5.1. How to create a course?

5.1.1. Create a Test Course - Can delete later Delete by selecting all

5.2. Adding Members

5.2.1. Manually add members

5.2.2. Add through access code

5.3. Student View

5.4. Personalizing - Adding Pictures

6. Groups Overview and Joining our STC Group

6.1. Access group via code - 8FS7B-FFQJ8

6.2. How to create a group

6.3. Create a Test Group

7. Understanding Resources

7.1. My Resources

7.1.1. Adding Google Drive

7.2. Group Resources

7.2.1. Are shared with member of your group great for PLC's

7.3. District Resources

7.3.1. Easily copy courses into your Course - BIG IDEA FOR FUTURE Easily copy resources to your personal resources

7.4. Public Resources

7.4.1. Use with caution

7.5. Course Materials

7.5.1. Are shared with members of a class

7.6. Apps Beta

8. Colonial SD Page

8.1. Search out staff

8.2. Search out resources

9. Mobile App

9.1. Upload Media - Pics, Docs, Etc.

10. Logging In - Use Google Chrome

10.1. Accessing Schoology -

10.2. Teacher Username is [email protected] and password is schoology

10.3. Students Username is default. Only teachers part of Blended Learning Training will be able to use with students. All staff can use with each other (ex. PLC's). First year rollout, not all students have accounts.

11. Account Settings

11.1. Password

11.2. Contact Information

11.2.1. Avatar

11.3. Google Drive Link

12. Course

12.1. Main Page Setup

12.1.1. Course Options - Edit Info - Privacy Tab - Default Landing Page (Located in Privacy Tab) Choice Materials or Updates

12.2. Updates (Similar to Announcement in BB)

12.2.1. Send reminders to students

12.2.2. Comment to students

12.2.3. Share photos, video or web links

12.2.4. Send a poll to gauge lesson effectiveness or if additional teaching is needed

12.2.5. Post items as PDF for students to access

12.3. Calendar

12.3.1. Add Event

12.3.2. Upcoming Events & Reminders

12.3.3. Conferences

12.4. Course Materials

12.4.1. Assignments Allow students to attach files by using drop box with point value and due dates

12.4.2. Test/Quizzes Quizzes can be created using various questions formats or the can be imported using Test Generator Set point values, time limits, attempt limits and allow students to access quizzes online

12.4.3. Discussions Create a discussion for students or group members to comment on Add documents, videos or audio files for students to listen to and then comment on Assign to individual or groups or students

12.4.4. File/Link Allow students to access any document of files from home Late/Missing work, Work Sample, photos, videos or audio files Provides links to websites with resources

12.4.5. Add Page Type directions or paste lots of links Type minutes from meetings or use for note taking

12.4.6. Add Media Album Place lots of pictures from activity or field trip Better place to put lots of pictures instead of in updates Notify members photos are here