Business from Search vs Networking vs Customer Relations >>>

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Business from Search vs Networking vs Customer Relations >>> by Mind Map: Business from Search vs Networking vs Customer Relations >>>

1. Can you support all activity on one website?

1.1. Not if different audiences require different conversation

1.1.1. You'd possibly speak to trade about different subjects to customers

1.1.2. Do you need a site for Social Networking, Separate Blog

1.2. Networking is selling yourself, not the product

2. Networking

2.1. You're looking for them

2.1.1. You can find them By role By company By industry Locally

2.2. Relationship based

2.2.1. often selling within an industry Vertical Markets Freelancing Selling Yourself

2.2.2. Referral Partner Model added value working together complementary services same prospects Friends of friends

2.2.3. Channel Partner Model added value working together complementary services same prospects

2.3. Communication Tools

2.3.1. Social Networking You can find them, (via email) and connect You would normally connect as a person Linked In Groups Google Plus Twitter You can't easily outsource this inside or outside the company Continual Manual Process

2.3.2. Email Use Email to discover profiles and connect

2.3.3. Personal Networking Time out at meetings

2.3.4. Blogs People in the same industry more interested in blogs blogs are free samples of knowledge Conversations, talking shop

2.4. Goals

2.4.1. To build authority To demonstrate value through expertise The person networking needs to have domain expertise You're talking with educated people

2.4.2. Build relationships Keep in the eyeline Join in with people's conversations, help

2.4.3. Reciprocal Value

3. Search Marketing

3.1. New Business

3.1.1. sales conversations

3.2. They're looking for you, just at the right time

3.2.1. Or your product or service

3.3. Often Horizontal Market

3.3.1. Broad interest from different 'types' of people

3.3.2. You don't know who, or where they are But you can segment by location

3.3.3. They don't know you

3.3.4. Keywords are often broad What Percentage of (keyword) market is addressed? Which means the offer may need to be broad too - small, medium and large, gold silver and bronze

3.4. Often works when need is infrequent

3.4.1. Less likely to maintain 'relationship' over time

3.5. Communication Tools

3.5.1. Search Engines Automatically keep sending people

3.5.2. Website

3.5.3. Remarketing The modern form of data capture

3.5.4. Blogs Blogs help if they contribute to the goals

3.5.5. Phone Call Handling Crucial

3.5.6. Google Plus Local Directory

3.6. Goals

3.6.1. To help visitors choose

3.6.2. To persuade to act

4. Customer Relations

4.1. Existing Customers and Prospects

4.1.1. Extending the lifetime value

4.2. Relationship based

4.2.1. Referral Model reviews, case studies friends of friends

4.3. Communication Tools

4.3.1. Social You can connect with them You might connect as a company, or page, and or personally Needs domain expertise to have valuable conversations

4.3.2. Email Newsletters, Promotions Permission based Pointed at the web

4.3.3. CRM

4.3.4. Blogs Existing customers and Prospects not as interested in blogs Arguable, if it is feeding Social Activity

4.4. Goals

4.4.1. To demonstrate expertise

4.4.2. To rekindle conversation

4.4.3. To add value Help them

5. Any Observations (feel free to add here!)

5.1. All methods require Content

5.2. Could be doing all three activities

6. Networking Website?

6.1. Different Conversation