'Mad Scientists' Camp Planning Map

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'Mad Scientists' Camp Planning Map by Mind Map: 'Mad Scientists' Camp Planning Map

1. Camp layout

1.1. Private

1.1.1. Tents

1.1.2. Sheltered communal area

1.2. Public

1.2.1. Sheltered public area

1.2.2. Adjacent art installations

2. Happy campers

2.1. Maybe

2.2. Confirmed

2.2.1. Sacha Dietary Restrictions Picky eater (but not as much as Bethany)

2.2.2. Heather Dietary Restrictions Veggie-only diet makes me grumpy

2.2.3. Bethany Dietary Restrictions Picky eater (but not as much as Sacha)

2.2.4. Thomas Dietary Restrictions Beer, whiskey and beef jerky will keep me going

2.2.5. Jester Dietary Restrictions Keto

2.2.6. Charlie Dietary Restrictions Keto

2.2.7. Jonathan

2.2.8. BDR Dietary Restrictions (Mostly) vegan/vegetarian

2.2.9. Nick

3. Resources

3.1. Communal Use

3.1.1. Need Kitchen Items Gray Water Dishes Water Dispenser Food Dry ice? Firepit?

3.1.2. Confirmed Kitchen Propane Stove (Heather/Sacha) Shelter Giant tarp (Heather/Sacha) Several smaller tarps (Bethany/Thomas) Lighting 3' black light tube (Heather/Sacha) Christmas lights (Bethany/Thomas) Christmas lights (Sacha/Heather) 20m of iPixel RGB LED strips, 60 LEDS per mgr (Heather/Sacha) Seating Cheap chairs (Bethany/Thomas) If every camp member brings a chair to put in the communal place, we should have more than enough seating area Generator 3200W (Bethany/Thomas) Transportation Truck for transporting lots of things to Firefly (Thomas/Bethany) Cart for hauling things up the hill Soundsystem Mixer (Sacha) PA System (James)

3.2. Possible Resource Banks

3.2.1. CEMI Resources DeRez Discomatik PA System CEMI Library

4. Art

4.1. Confirmed

4.1.1. EEG Project [Sacha?]

4.1.2. The Lab [James?] Ooblek Pinocchio Illusion

4.1.3. Projection mapped trees [Sacha]

4.2. In Discussion

4.2.1. Concepts EJ Helmet Snoezelen Room Fun Links to Explore Illusions More extensive list of optical / geometric illusions "The creative universe" [Sacha] Link to monolith example Link to ray detector video

4.2.2. CEMI Installations Color Blasts DeRez DISCOMATIC

5. Dues?

5.1. Propane for communal kitchen?

5.2. Gasoline for generator?

6. Non-art events for FF

6.1. Flavor-altering foods (Heather)

6.2. Test-tube multi-layer and multi-color alcohol shot mixtures (Heather)

7. Camp name?

7.1. Keep BLTC

7.2. The Lab

7.2.1. + 1 For "The Lab" [James]

8. Site Logistics

8.1. Date?

8.2. Arrival(s)

8.3. Departures

8.4. Location

8.4.1. Address

8.4.2. Nearby Resources