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Finance by Mind Map: Finance

1. Financial Security

1.1. List of whatever I will not settle for EVER AGAIN

1.1.1. Being broke Challenges

1.1.2. Lying

1.2. Challenges

1.2.1. $2000 a month $4000 a month $10,000 a month

1.3. Actions

1.3.1. Set up Money Market account

1.3.2. Invest in Stocks

1.4. Abudance Psychology

1.4.1. Investor Growing/Expanding Companies

1.4.2. Compound

1.4.3. 10% Where do I put it? Always reinvest this 10% Money Market

1.5. We get what we HAVE to have.

1.5.1. It's a MUST to have more than enough.

1.6. Profit I am building a New Life with!

1.6.1. Life is my Business

1.6.2. Don't let optimism or pesimism hinder my investments - Celica would have been a GREAT idea

1.6.3. Do not let other people control my thought process, THINK ON MY OWN

1.6.4. Quality COACHING Fresh point of view - um does that go with the top?

1.6.5. 12 What is Wealth? Don't raise the bar Define it Make it a plan I MUST have abundance, WHY do i Have to be? Get that plan Make it, call the people, set the Automatic Savings Plan make a Money Market, Shareholder Take responsibility Don't give up 5 ft away from goal, keep pushing Make life business, go against grain Think it through regaredless of other people's pesimistic and optimism, don't vary allocatoin Get Coaching from TONS of different sources, Psychiatrist, Wealth, John Ahuna, etc...

1.6.6. Spend less than you earn. Invest the difference Reinvest in compound interest. Asset allocation Not having a choice otherwise.

1.6.7. Need Time Intelligent Chioces 3 Buckets Money Earn more to Invest, jobs, asking for collecting

1.7. The secret to Wealth

1.7.1. Gratitude!

2. Compound Interest

2.1. Compound Interest

2.1.1. Stock Investing in those with Genius Like putting money into Chaz - Chaz's Stock, now I can put money into people like Bill Gates etc..

2.1.2. Brian Tracey said it

2.1.3. When you make a return, re-invest it. Saving $150 a month 40 years

2.1.4. Pay yourself first Deduct 10% of my paycheck and put it in the MONEY MARKET Account

3. Investing

3.1. Best Investments

3.1.1. Stocks Increase Mass Flexibility vs

3.1.2. Whatever you invest in.. KNOW (Research & Understand)

3.1.3. Manage Thyself

3.1.4. Buckets Security Bucket Low-Risk Less Return Long-Term Fixed Income Investment 40% Growth Bucket Medium-Risk Mutual Funds Art Transportation 60% Chinchillas Camera/Video Camera Dream Bucket Condemindium Island Outfits Sports Car Caveats Don't withdraw from Security or Growth until Profits 30% into Dream Bucket

3.1.5. Pitfalls Liability vs Asset

4. Fake it til' you make it

4.1. Independent

4.1.1. Acting as if I was Financially Independent Buying a car, buying a Bonsai, investing in stocks, savings, getting filled up spiritually, putting on full armor of God Going to the Amen Clinics in California Visiting Fiji on my own time, meeting with Asaeli, traveling on my own, maintaining my website Getting all the pages and prices working on the website completely researched

5. Income Snowball

6. Debt Snowball

6.1. ING Direct