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Uploading Lists to Highrise by Mind Map: Uploading Lists to Highrise
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Uploading Lists to Highrise

Download List

Open URL:

Login with Credentials, Click Lead Lists, Select file without _uploaded in filename

Delete Unused Columns

Navigate to downloaded folder

Open URL, Login with Credentials, Click Upload, Browse to Downloaded Files, Click Upload, Open Uploaded Spreadsheet, Delete All Columns Except: CONTACT_NAME COMPANY_NAME PRIMARY_ADDRESS PRIMARY_CITY PRIMARY_STATE PRIMARY_ZIP10 PHONE FAX_NUMBER WEB_SITE SELECTED_SIC_DESC ACTUAL_LOCATION_SALES_VOLUME, Click File, Download As: CSV

Upload CSV

Open URL

Login with Credentials, Click Contacts, Click Import, Click Upload a CSV, Choose CSV, Click Upload and Import, Match Data with following settings: Full Name = CONTACT_NAME Company Name = COMPANY_NAME Work Line #1 = PRIMARY_ADDRESS Work City = PRIMARY_CITY Work State = PRIMARY_STATE Work Zip/Postal Code = PRIMARY_ZIP10 Work Phone = PHONE Fax = FAX_NUMBER Work web site = WEB_SITE Department = SELECTED_SIC_DESC Background = ACTUAL_LOCATION_SALES_VOLUME, Click Import these contact