The Work of (Digital) Literacy

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The Work of (Digital) Literacy by Mind Map: The Work of (Digital) Literacy

1. Now is the time . . .

1.1. "I believe we’re living at the moment of the greatest change in human communication in human history." Richard E. Miller

1.2. What digital media skills should the educated 21st citizen possess?

1.3. Digital literacy > digital citizenship

1.4. "In our view, basic tech education should center around three core concepts: Understanding, Creation, and Critique"

2. Get started!

2.1. I'm never ready to share . . .

2.2. because I'm never done . . .

2.3. and it could be better . . .

2.3.1. "It's getting better all the time . . . "

2.3.2. Stop your whining Personal Todo List Vacation Planning Meeting Minutes Project Plan more...

2.3.3. What is the sound of one person sharing? Offline Mode Geistesblitz Tools Email & SMS Gateways Offline Mode

2.3.4. Web 2.0

3. My skills: writing (creative, analytical, composition, research)

3.1. Check out

4. Language! Tools! Internet! Tools!

4.1. Language is made of signs/signifiers and phonemes

4.2. D2L and Wordpress

4.3. James Joyce

4.4. Maul tea mode doll

5. My first time teaching online

5.1. First time jitters

5.2. Lost

5.3. Found