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I can speak English - Unit 1 - Me! by Mind Map: I can speak English - Unit 1 -
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I can speak English - Unit 1 - Me!

Unit Objectives

Learners can introduce themselves

Learners can say their age

Learners can talk about their likes and dislikes

Learners can talk about favourites

Learners can respond to personal questions

Learners can follow a video presentation with key language

Learners can recognise written forms of key language

Learners can use key language when prompted

Key Language

My name is...

I'm ... years old

I like... /I don't like...

My favourite colour is...

Secondary Language

What's your name?

How old are you?

Do you like...?

What's your favourite colour?

Can you spell it?

Have you got...?

Vocabulary areas (revision)




Other vocabulary


Watch a video/comic

Little Bird Tales?

Respond to questions while watching a video/comic

Record responses (voice comments)

Read and listen to video/comic

Choose an activity

Draw a picture of you and your things. Write sentences.

Draw a picture of you. Say your name, age and favourite colour.

Draw and decorate your name. Spell it.

Say what you like and don't like.


Colours song

Alphabet song