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Participedia by Mind Map: Participedia

1. collecting case studies

1.1. sandy

1.1.1. ncdd

1.1.2. blog - what's on in field

1.1.3. listserv is most successful 20k people

1.1.4. wiki experience adding versus correcting

1.1.5. aggregator ... broken down

1.1.6. specific project / materials howtos sustain enthusiasm? pay, recognition

1.1.7. stay neutral!

1.1.8. overzealous volunteers have own agenda

1.1.9. fake collaboration just for the branding :)

1.2. nick rand, involve

1.2.1. 1000 visitors per month, a couple of repeats

1.2.2. people love case studies contact details networking tool methods

1.2.3. process planner no one uses it

1.2.4. news ... doesn't work

1.2.5. ask an expert does not work

1.2.6. site is not living thing

1.2.7. how to make community what is useful for them give people structure doesn't run itself how to direct people to it? google key word is "participation"

1.2.8. survey video to show method working convey excitement of event tasksheets& presentations go into methods in more depth self-selection & puff pieces what did not work so well

1.3. matt lianeger, ddd

1.3.1. democracy helpline

1.3.2. case studies for practitioners stories are key basic brief descrip

1.3.3. "never underestimate readers intelligence; never overestime their knowledge"

1.3.4. who you are, here are a few things of interest to you DID IT WORK?

1.3.5. "life of its own" what for?

1.4. DRC, S. Africa

1.4.1. angola, bangla, uk, etc

1.4.2. funded by ODI 10 yr grant

1.4.3. ngos and academc instits bi & small instits and univs capacity building how to influence policy?

1.4.4. 400 written-up products

1.4.5. instit of dev studies

1.4.6. 2 page summaries of each of case studies

1.4.7. looking for permanent archive

1.4.8. goals read disseminating different languages politics of each country archived

1.4.9. limits of partic clientilism, elite capture, parties etc

1.5. gonzalo

1.5.1. innov in public governance

1.6. "life of its own"

1.6.1. becoming more than sum of parts what is theory narcissism and pwoer give a group a sense of itself power give outsiders a sense of the inside can contribute to change media is aim this _is_ a PR job story

2. people

2.1. jenny

2.1.1. mansbridge

2.2. prof @ kennedy

2.3. western conneticut

2.3.1. country , town meeting town

2.3.2. town meeting first books

2.4. adult

2.4.1. 60/61 protest for nucl disarm womens movement

2.5. met mark @ northwester

2.6. tiago

2.6.1. facebook on partiicpatory budgeting google map on partic

2.6.2. florence eu univ

2.7. gonzalo

2.7.1. chile

2.7.2. innov & citiz

2.7.3. db of cases

2.7.4. garden -> jail

2.8. archon

2.8.1. college collective lefty newspaper

2.9. patrizia

2.9.1. eu instit of publi partic improve methods

2.9.2. bavarian urban planning

2.9.3. charles taylor / bouchard process contrast to minarets

2.10. dick jonhston

2.10.1. prof ubc 60s ite

2.10.2. trueau link

2.11. graham

2.11.1. southhampt univ

2.12. alexandra

2.12.1. samuel

2.12.2. consultant

2.13. mark

2.13.1. harvard /

2.13.2. mcgovern organiser

2.13.3. brit col citizen assembly

2.14. jennifer

2.14.1. israel harvard, law

2.14.2. municipal law and particip process

2.15. matt linaeger

2.15.1. delib democr consort

2.15.2. track & filed collective experience liked the team thing team element of running as indivs

2.16. john gaskell

2.16.1. un wash, communs

2.16.2. parents ran for congress

2.16.3. quaker meeting @ swathsmore

2.17. brandeis, sociology

2.17.1. cramen sirianni

2.17.2. vietnam protests

2.18. betina

2.18.1. univ of west capetown

2.18.2. global south & partic

2.18.3. univ of sussex

2.18.4. student mvmnt anti-apartheid tear-gased

2.19. nick rand

2.19.1. involve

2.19.2. best practice, training

2.19.3. worked in rwanda

2.19.4. kenay, teacher, community project

2.20. peter houtzegger

2.20.1. sussex

2.20.2. associational life, lat am & india

2.20.3. brazil, rural worker unions

2.21. sandy hierbacher

2.21.1. ntl coal for dial ...

2.21.2. student gvt, dialogue grp

2.22. cristiano faria

2.22.1. brazil

2.22.2. in harvard, phd, electronic democr, pol sci

2.22.3. e-democracy

2.22.4. supervised e-dem project

2.23. suzanna haas

2.23.1. univ brit col

2.23.2. envir

2.23.3. 1998, vancouver protest anti-glob mvmnt

2.24. pat skulley

2.24.1. clearview consulting

2.24.2. co-ed dorms

2.25. anna york

2.25.1. harvard, publ policy

2.25.2. broadband expansion in social media

2.25.3. participedia editor

2.25.4. women reclam the night

2.26. paul daniel

2.26.1. ucla phd

2.26.2. san fran local politics

3. wiki questions

3.1. authorship

3.2. editorial

3.3. log-in

3.4. search?

3.5. process

4. Partnerships

4.1. challenges

4.1.1. resources

4.1.2. competition confusion threat

4.1.3. partners of partners dilution selecting how to globalise

4.1.4. is partecipedia solid continuity

4.2. priorities

4.2.1. low funding partnership definition recognition vibe of whose it is strategic thinking give what can i not do & solve my resource probl

4.2.2. high funding incentivise content production/transfer build the global network evangelising build user base and parternships

4.2.3. structured program for recongising partners

4.2.4. other partners

4.3. how could partner

4.3.1. CA collecting cases risk no badgering feel-good no solicit our members! channel aprtner conflicts

4.3.2. chile obervatory regional partner have cases SP and port upload some in Engl why impact for global network strengthen reach & legitimacy

4.3.3. ncdd have case studies lots of org, method descript network big listservs need recognition want to be insiders

4.3.4. ids dfid 10 yr work recognition partners many partners ids recogn goods permanent archive continue to build gloabl network needs more partners around world drive process careful choice different partner types tiering media academic practice

4.3.5. involve offer cases hadn over website but no resources from brand relationshi[ exclusivity move clients to us show our clisent? funding

4.3.6. oD to audience volunteers from recognition solid org behind it content