Post interview: What does my tech coordinator do?

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Post interview: What does my tech coordinator do? by Mind Map: Post interview: What does my tech coordinator do?

1. Procurement

1.1. Develop & implement plans for district technology

1.1.1. Short term goals

1.1.2. long term goals

1.1.3. Clearly and frequently communicate with administration

1.2. Purchase any district hardware & software

1.2.1. Session Rule 1

1.2.2. Session Rule 2

1.2.3. Session Rule 2

2. Staff Development

2.1. Train teachers to effectively integrate tech into curriculum

2.2. Train teachers to operate hardware & software

3. Tech First Responder

3.1. Fixing any & all district tech problems

3.2. Addressing conflicts with content filter

4. Management

4.1. Procurement paperwork & tech licensing

4.2. Keeping records for all devices associated with students and teachers

4.3. Supervising district's tech specialist

5. Maintenance

5.1. District hardware & software (teacher, student, & classroom)

5.2. Manage district network & communications

6. Tech Diplomacy

6.1. Develop staff willingness to improve tech integration

6.2. Foster openness toward technology with administration