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Half-Breed Characters by Mind Map: Half-Breed Characters
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Half-Breed Characters

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...


Children from other farms

The children from other families are nice to them and they have fun with each other whenever they had the chance.


Bad People

Canadian Government


Some White people, but not all are bad



Maria's father is a drunk but knows when to stop it when his family is in need of his warmth and comfort. He works hard for money to keep his family going. Protective man for his little ones and is barely home.  


Hard working women who takes care of her family in any way she could. She passes away whem Maria was about the age of 14.


Cheechum is the Grand mother of the cambell family. They really love her so much because when mother passed away she always comforted the children whenever they needed it.

Maria & her 7 younger brothers & sister

Maria plus her little bros plus sisters the kind of people can survive out in the wild with their skills on hunting and trapping.

Main Character

Maria & her family