Family Career Tree

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Family Career Tree by Mind Map: Family Career Tree

1. Grandma and Grandpa- Store owners in Mexico.

1.1. Dad (Jose) - Employee at Tyson.

1.2. Aunt (Leticia) - Unemployed

1.3. Uncle (Antonio) - Works in a trucking company in California

2. Grandpa - Works at a tree cutting company in Mexico.

2.1. Mom (Maria) - Employed at Hillshire

2.2. Aunt (Rosa) - Works in Rembrandt

2.3. Uncle (Valdemar) - Works in Rembrandt

3. My Brother and Sisters

3.1. Me - I am Unemployed

3.2. Brother (Edgar) - Works at Marketlink

3.3. Sister (Vanessa) - She is not old enough to work yet

3.4. Sister (Melany) - She is not old enough to work