Post secondary options.

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Post secondary options. by Mind Map: Post secondary options.

1. career technical distance education

2. Examples: Drake University Simpson College

3. Examples: University of Northern Iowa University of Iowa Iowa State

4. Private Colleges.

4.1. A college that is not operated by the government, but may receive grants and student loans. Private may cost more than attending a public school.

5. Public Colleges

5.1. A college funded by the public, through the government. Public doesn't usually cost as much as a private college.

6. 2 Year Colleges

6.1. A 2 year college can get you the degree you may need, but it doesn't have as broad of a curriculum as four year colleges.

6.2. You can get these degrees at a 2 year college: Associates degree Diplomas-not attend it for 2 years.

7. 4 Year Colleges

7.1. Attending a 4 year college gets you the degree you need to get into the career you want.

7.1.1. You can get these degrees at a 4 year college: Masters degree Bachelors degree Doctorate degree FASFA-Free education for federal student aid Tuition-money charged for teaching Universities-advanced learning education institution Careers TEACHERS

8. Vocabulary *SAT and ACT-Scholastic Aptitude Test, American College Test. Some colleges require these tests. *Associates Degree-Completion of a program in less than 4 years of college. *Bachelors Degree-Undergraduate degree offered by 4-year colleges. *Masters Degree-First level of graduate study; must have an undergraduate degree first. *Doctorate Degree-Academic or professional degree in that persons specific field.

9. Vocab Words: room and board-lodging and food paid by you. distance education-educating on an individual basis

10. Community College: A public two-year college Junior College: Similar to community college, but usually private

11. Vocational: Privately owned schools with a wide variety of training options