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Colleges by Mind Map: Colleges

1. Universities

1.1. A university accepts a master and a bachelors degree. These are larger than colleges, and have larger classes. These offer two year or four year degrees.

2. Community Colleges

2.1. A public two year college opens to 18 year olds and over. You must have a high school diploma or GED. Sometime students do two years of this college and transfer to a four year college.

3. Junior Colleges

3.1. This college is similar to a community college but except it is a private school

4. 4 Year College

4.1. Presents a bachelors degree. A four year college has classes than universities, which is good because it requires to have more personal and better attention with the teachers.

5. Career School, Technical school, or vocational/trade school

5.1. These may be public or private. These prepare students for specific years that may last week, months, or years. You usually receive a certificate, license or a associates degree. The difference between tech school and trade school is tech teaches science and trade is to teach the skills needed for that job.

6. Public Vs. Private

6.1. These offer a variety of degrees.These schools diverse in character and academic.Private schools may be profit or non profit institutions. Student have found out a private college is to be less than the cost of the state schools. Public colleges are usually less expensive, particularly for in-state residents.