Post Secondary Options

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Post Secondary Options by Mind Map: Post Secondary Options

1. Career Schools

1.1. Offers careers in order to help prepare students

2. ACT and SAT

2.1. Acronyms for American College Test and Scholastic Altitude Test

2.2. Colleges may require the results of these tests in order for admission

3. Private

4. Public

5. Associate's Degree

5.1. Granted upon completion of a program of at least two, but less than four years of college work.

5.2. Community College

6. Bachelor's Degree

6.1. Undergraduate degree given by four year colleges and Universities.

6.2. University

6.3. 4 Year College


7.1. Stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid

8. Undergraduate

8.1. Person pursuing a one, two, or four year degree

9. Tuition

9.1. Amount paid for each credit hour of enrollment

10. Distance Education

10.1. A way of delivering education to a person

11. Junior College

11.1. A college that is usually private

12. Master's Degrees

12.1. Can be obtained after earning a Bachelor's Degree

13. Doctorate Degree

13.1. A degree that has a wealth of opportunity awaiting for you

14. Undergraduate Degrees

14.1. Degrees consisting of Associate and Bachelor's degrees

15. Graduate Degrees

15.1. Degrees consisting of Doctorate and Master's degree

16. Technical School

16.1. Teaches the science behind the career occuptation

17. Vocational School

17.1. Focuses on hands on application of skills in order to do the job