Coronary Heart Disease

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Coronary Heart Disease by Mind Map: Coronary Heart Disease

1. Definition

1.1. Blood Vessel-that carry blood and oxygen to the heart. in coronary heart disease , the blood vessels become clogged and narrowed with plaque (a substance made up of fatty deposits and cholestrol) along the walls . this limits the rate of blood and oxygen flow to the heart

2. Health effects

2.1. Clogged arteries

2.1.1. chest pains

2.1.2. heart attacks

2.1.3. sudden death

3. causes

3.1. diet high in cholesterol and saturated fat

3.2. excessive cholesterol , fats accumulate along the blood vessels to form plaque . slows down or even block the flow of blood to the heart

4. preventive measures

4.1. reduces the risk of coronary heart disease

4.2. limit intake of fats and cholesterol

4.3. consume more fruits and vegetables as dietary fibre helps to remove cholesterol from the blood