The Path to being an Accountant

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The Path to being an Accountant by Mind Map: The Path to being an Accountant

1. Highschool Program

1.1. Ap Statistics

1.1.1. Ap Calculus

1.1.2. Ap Physics

1.1.3. Ap Economics

2. 4 Year college or University

2.1. Bachelor's degree

2.1.1. Earn Master's degree in accounting CPA exam

3. Community College

3.1. 2 Years

3.1.1. transfer to a 4 year college or University

4. Complete accounting internships

5. Types of Accountants

5.1. Public Accountant

5.1.1. Hired to prepare tax and other accounting documents.

5.2. Governmental Accountant

5.2.1. Work for the Government agencies at the local, nation or state level.

5.3. Management Accountant

5.3.1. These types of accountants manage and plan the financial systems of big businesses.

5.4. Auditor

5.4.1. A consultant for an organization. They give advice on book keeping and the efficiency of the business.