Ethical Dilemmas

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Ethical Dilemmas by Mind Map: Ethical Dilemmas

1. Privacy

1.1. A Network Tech might come across someones email that might contain confidential information.

1.1.1. Try and forget what you have seen, Or in some cases report suspicious activity like harassment and divulging information to other companies.

1.2. RFID Chips/ Keystroke Moniters.

1.2.1. Some work you may be doing might conflict with privacy laws you could refuse to do it based on what you think of it.

2. Software Copyrights

2.1. Even though most programmers will respect digital copyright laws some might choose to ignore it.

2.1.1. To make sure you don't violate this stay up to date on copyright.

3. Confidentiality

3.1. It is the obligation to not disclose willing any information that might be sensitive to a particular business.

3.1.1. Some people might try and take advantage of the trust they have been given by disclosing information about the company they have been given. (Example Medical or financial information)

3.2. A future employer might ask you about he information that you gathered at a previous job. when most contracts contain a non-compete clause that restricts you from giving away information that you gained at that job for a specific time after you leave that job.

3.2.1. Check business plans of prospective employers to make sure that you don't have to work on projects that directly compete with the company you just left.

4. Personal activity's on a work computer

4.1. Some people use the employers computers to do personal tasks like check email or use a copier.

4.1.1. Make sure you know your employers policy for personal use so you don't get you self in a deilmma like using computers to develop software and have them claim the rights to it.

5. Hacking

5.1. Some people get more that curious about hacking and virus making when they learn about it and wonder if they can do it themselves.

5.1.1. To not get in trouble simply don to any hacking.

5.2. Some programmers have thought about making an anti-virus virus

5.2.1. But they don't know if they could control it so its a good idea to stay away from it.

6. Software Quality

6.1. Most people believe that software should be thoroughly tested to make sure that they produce the best product they can.

6.1.1. Make sure the software you release it up to your standers before you release it so you don't have any problems with it in the future.

7. Am i responsible for how my software is used

7.1. Technology itself is neutral but some people will abuse software you might create like monitoring software might be used to spy on someone.

7.1.1. You should make sure you think the software will be used for legal purposes when you make it and if their are nay questions about it you should think carefully about it before you release it.