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Ethical Dilemmas by Mind Map: Ethical Dilemmas
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Ethical Dilemmas

Profesional ethicas reffer to on the job choices and actions that reflect the persons valuse.


A Network Tech might come across someones email that might contain confidential information.

RFID Chips/ Keystroke Moniters.

Software Copyrights

Even though most programmers will respect digital copyright laws some might choose to ignore it.


It is the obligation to not disclose willing any information that might be sensitive to a particular business.

A future employer might ask you about he information that you gathered at a previous job. when most contracts contain a non-compete clause that restricts you from giving away information that you gained at that job for a specific time after you leave that job.

Personal activity's on a work computer

Some people use the employers computers to do personal tasks like check email or use a copier.


Some people get more that curious about hacking and virus making when they learn about it and wonder if they can do it themselves.

Some programmers have thought about making an anti-virus virus

Software Quality

Most people believe that software should be thoroughly tested to make sure that they produce the best product they can.

Am i responsible for how my software is used

Technology itself is neutral but some people will abuse software you might create like monitoring software might be used to spy on someone.