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Chris Marcus' Knowledge Base. My attempt to prevent information overload. keywords for our friends at google: software, architecture, design, development, best practices, enterprise, business intelligence, data warehouse, sharepoint, ssis, business objects, jboss, jbpm, business rules, workflow, .net, java

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CM Links & KB by Mind Map: CM Links & KB

1. Java Dev

1.1. UI

1.1.1. Book: Google Web Toolkit - Apps

1.2. Book: Java Persistence with Hibernate

1.3. Book: Java EJB3 In Action

1.4. Book: Agile Java Development w/ Spring, Hibernate and Eclipse

1.5. Java SOA Cookbook

2. Online Ed/Training

2.1. Stanford Computer Science Dept.

2.2. edX

2.3. Pluralsight

2.4. Safari Books Online

2.5. Mashable Post

2.6. Kid Ed

2.6.1. eGFI

2.6.2. Teaching Programming - Resources CodeAcademy Cloud9

2.6.3. Udacity

2.6.4. Khan Academy

3. .NET Dev

3.1. Win8, WinRT, Metro Dev

3.1.1. Great intro from Build conference

3.1.2. Build conference - all vids

3.1.3. Microsoft Dev Center

3.1.4. Primer

3.1.5. Migrating Silverlight Apps to WinRT Morton

3.1.6. Overview/Roadmap Discussions Coder WCF RIA Roadmap

3.1.7. Performance Tips

3.2. WCF

3.2.1. jQuery client for WCF RIA Service

3.3. Microsoft's Tools and Strategy

3.4. Web Sockets

3.5. Windows Phone Dev

3.5.1. Great Hanselman Post:

3.6. WCF RIA

3.7. jQuery

3.8. Metro Design Case Study iPad to Windows 8 Metro

3.9. .Net Dev

3.9.1. AppDev:Sharepoint 2010, Silverlight 4

3.9.2. LearnVisualStudio: Entity Framework, Silverlight 4

3.9.3. ASP.Net Good Telerik AJAX Rad controls w/ Entity Framework video

3.9.4. Memory Leak Links & Tools MSFT Patterns & Practices Windows Dev Center SOS ANTS Profiler MemProfiler


3.9.6. Webcast: Chappell on Azure & the Cloud

3.9.7. Webcasts: "Everything You Need to Know About Azure as a Developer"

3.9.8. WPF - Data Binding

3.10. Azure

3.10.1. Learning

3.10.2. Community

3.10.3. Convert MVC3 App to Azure Tutorial

3.10.4. Bootcamp Webcasts

3.10.5. Node.js on Azure

3.10.6. Exposing DBs in Azure Marketplace

3.11. MSFT Blogs/Community

3.11.1. Scott Hanselman

3.11.2. Chris Bowen

3.11.3. BenkoTips

3.11.4. ServerSide.NET

3.12. ASP.NET MVC4

3.13. Prism 4.1

3.14. .NET Security Must Read

4. Javascript

4.1. Dev

4.1.1. Learning, Tools & Best Practices Cecco: Supercharged Javascript Graphics Implementing Namespaces In JS Structuring Javascript Code Pluralsight Course - KO with HTML5, MVVM, JS Google Closure tools Modernizr Codeplex - Project Silk (HTML5, jQuery) Microsoft Build Conference MSFT Guidance Doc Pluralsight Course - Intro Mozilla Developer Network jsFiddle Pluralsight Course: Building HTML5 and JavaScript Apps with MVVM and Knockout Yahoo Developer Network / YSlow Flanagan: Definitive Javascript Javascript Automated Testing QUnit Douglas Crockford Videos: General Video: The Good Parts Javascript functions explained in plain english Must Watch BDD Jasmine

4.1.2. Frameworks & Libraries KnockoutJS Tutorials Steve Sanderson's Blog KnockoutJS & KendoUI backbone.js Framework comparision: TodoMVC TypeScript backbone.js & jQuery MSDN tutorial backbone.js vs. KnockoutJS Knock Me Out Google Groups - KnockoutJS Libraries Javascript Animations/Drawiing Processing.js Server-side - event based web server

4.1.3. CSS Twitter Bootstrap Compass LESS

4.1.4. Mobile Mobile Web Tools Telerik KendoUI Mobile

4.1.5. Resources HTML5 Videos RSS Feeds

4.2. Design

4.2.1. CreativeFan

4.2.2. DesignYourWay.Net

4.2.3. Web Dev Cheet Sheets

5. Business Rules Mgmt

5.1. JBoss Drools

5.1.1. Book: JBoss Drools

5.2. Oracle Business Rules

6. Business Process Mgmt

6.1. JBoss jBPM

6.1.1. Book: JBoss jBPM

6.1.2. Webcast: JBPM Overview

6.2. Oracle BAM

6.3. Oracle BPEL Process Manager

7. Business Objects

7.1. David Taylor's Blog

7.2. Training: SAP Business Objects - XI V3 Universes

7.3. Training: SAP Business Objects - XI WebI

7.4. BOBJ General Training:

8. Data Modeling & Warehousing


8.2. TDWI: Hybrid DW Webinar

8.3. TDWI: all webinars

8.4. Bottom up: Kimball

8.4.1. The DW (Bottom up) Bible - Primer chapter is a MUST read

8.4.2. Good Wikipedia article on SCD

8.4.3. SCD Thoughts

8.5. Kimball Forum

8.6. Good article contrasting Top Down (Inmom), Bottom Up (Kimball), Hybrid, Federated DWs

8.7. Data Management Bookshelf


8.9. Data Modeling - Best Practices

8.10. DW Design - Approaches/White Papers

8.10.1. DW Design w/ NFR Framework

8.10.2. A Design Framework

9. Business Intelligence

9.1. Analytics

9.1.1. SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) Training: Pragmatic Works - SQL Server BI MS SSAS BOL Proactive caching

9.1.2. SAP-Business Objects Universe Designer

9.1.3. SAS

9.1.4. Informatica

9.1.5. Jaspersoft

9.1.6. Pentaho

9.1.7. SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

9.1.8. PowerPivot Silverlight control

9.1.9. Data Mining Algorithms

9.2. ETL

9.2.1. Microsoft SSIS Book: SQL Server - SSIS Training: Pragmatic Works - SQL Server BI Pragmatic Works BI xPress Package Samples Performance Tuning & Best Practices Performance 1 Performance 2 Troubleshooting Design Improving Performance of the Data Flow Old but good... Useful Tips/Links WMI Event/File Watcher

9.2.2. SAP-Business Objects Data Integrator

9.2.3. Talend

9.2.4. Informatica

9.3. Reporting

9.3.1. SQL Server Reporting Servies (SSRS) Book: SQL Server - SSRS Training: Pragmatic Works - SQL Server BI

9.3.2. SAP-Business Objects WebI Training: SAP Business Objects - XI WebI Xcelsius Book: SAP Business Objects - XCelsius 2008

9.3.3. Microsoft PowerPivot

9.4. Learning

9.4.1. Training: Pragmatic Works - SQL Server BI

9.4.2. Business Intelligence Developer Network


9.4.4. PragmaticWorks Webinars

9.4.5. BeyeNETWORK



10. SOA

10.1. OAGi

10.2. Book: SOA in Practice

10.3. Book: Java SOA Cookbook

10.3.1. code samples

10.4. SOA Modeling

11. Other Platforms

11.1. Servers

11.1.1. JBoss AS

11.1.2. Tomcat Tomcat Explained Securing Tomcat in Internet-facing deployments

11.1.3. lighttpd

11.1.4. Jetty

11.1.5. IIS

11.1.6. Oracle AS

11.2. Cloud

11.2.1. Microsoft/Azure SQL Azure AppFabric Webcasts: "Everything You Need to Know About Azure as a Developer" Office 365 Beta - Admin Guide Azure Tutorials Windows Azure AppFabric June 2011 CTP Webcast: Chappell on Azure & the Cloud MS' Frontrunner Program .NET Services/Service Bus

11.2.2. Amazon EC2

11.2.3. Google App Engine Google Apps

11.2.4. Interesting Chatter 12/09: Mark Andersen

11.3. Mobile OSs

11.3.1. Android Android (Java ) SDK Graphics/OpenGL

11.3.2. iPhone ObjectiveC Book: iPhone Apress

11.3.3. Windows 4/10: 5 Cloud Platforms You Don't Know About (But Should) - Enki, XCalibre FlexiScale, Rackspace, RightScale, Terremark Worldwide Windows Mobile: WTF (for now?)

11.3.4. Device Agnostic (WORM redux?) Flash (future) HTML5 (future) jQuery jQTouch Check out the preview from a mobile device.

11.3.5. Symbian DYK: has 50% of global market share

11.3.6. Debian

11.3.7. RIM

11.4. IT Useful Stuff

11.4.1. WinDirStat

11.5. Performance Tuning

11.5.1. SQL Server Glen Berry's blog

11.6. JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform

11.6.1. JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) JBoss Enterprise Application 5.0 Platform (EAP) - 6 part webcast JBoss jBPM Book: JBoss jBPM JBoss ESB JBoss AS JBoss Drools Book: JBoss Drools

11.6.2. JBoss Enterprise Web Platform (EWP)

11.6.3. JBoss Enterprise Web Server (EWS) Tomcat Apache HTTP Server

12. To File

12.1. Webcast: jBPM Overview

12.2. Webcast: JBoss SOA Suite/ESB

12.3. Data & Object Factory (Head First)

12.4. SQL Injection Attacks by Example

12.5. Application Development Trends Mag

13. Microsoft Platforms & Technologies

13.1. AppFabric

13.2. Sharepoint

13.2.1. MOSS 2007 Performance Workshop Notes Book: Sharepoint - Best Practices Standard Site Templates Book: Sharepoint - Admin Kerberos Branding

13.2.2. InfoPath Forms Services

13.2.3. Silverlight Web Part Silverlight 4 Integration Silverlight app/webpart & Sharepoint 2010 integration video

13.2.4. 2010 Dev WebPart Dev Telerik Controls for Sharepoint 2010 Create an AJAX-enabled Sharepoint WebPart that uses Telerik RadControls Other Learning Links White Paper: Sharepoint 2010: Developer Platform 2010 SDK Codeplex Community Kit for Sharepoint 2010 (CKS) Getting Started Developing on Sharepoint 2010 Greg Galipeau's Blog SharepointJoel Blog: Microsoft Sharepoint Team Sharepoint Sandbox Carsten Keutmann's (WSPBuilder author) Podcast SharepointDevWiki: Getting Started w/ 2010 AppDev:Sharepoint 2010, Silverlight 4 Dave Chappell's White Paper: Sharepoint 2010: Developer Platform Sharepoint Village App Authentication Claims-based Forms-based PowerPivot for Sharepoint

13.2.5. SSRS, Business Objects Integration Web Parts SSRS Integration SAP - Business Objects Portal Integration Kit (PIK) Integration option for Microsoft Sharepoint (PIK->iPoint) Conclusion: BOBJ's Sharepoint integration web parts are not ready for prime time. Solution - roll your own using OpenDocument accessed via a custom web part. See my LinkedIn post (link upper right above) for more, or shoot me an email.

13.2.6. Advanced Workflow in Sharepoint K2 Nintex

13.3. Prism

13.3.1. Sujith's Blog

13.3.2. Codeplex

13.3.3. Patterns & Practices

13.3.4. Brian Noyes on Prism (Old)

13.3.5. Brian Noyes on Prism Events and Commands (Old)

13.3.6. Channel 9: build your own MVVM Framework

13.4. Silverlight


13.4.2. MVVM Design Pattern

13.4.3. MVVM Light

13.4.4. MSFT

13.4.5. Configuring IIS for Silverlight

13.4.6. PowerPivot Control

13.4.7. Must have 3rd party controls: VectorLight

13.4.8. The SL vs. HTML5 question

13.4.9. WCF RIA/MVVM Understanding WCF w/ SL Integrating RIA WCF Silverlight into Sharepoint 2010 WCF RIA Services Sample App w/ MVVM Light design pattern, WCF RIA Services - Walkthrough MVVM Great MVVM webcast by Laurent Bugnion of IdentityMine MVVM Intro Deep Dive MVVM MVVM Light Mike Taulty's Series Microsoft Prism 4/MVVM, Silverlight My two best learning links for building SL apps w/ WCF RIA Services and Entity Framework Get Started MSDN Blogs - Brad Abrams Using IQueryable

13.4.10. MVVM

13.5. AD FS

13.5.1. Claims Overview

13.5.2. How to Guides

14. My .NET Class - Deck

14.1. Section 1: Overview

14.2. Section 2: Types, Members & Classes

14.3. Section 3: Object Oriented Programming

14.4. Section 4: Data Access

14.5. Section 5: User Controls

14.6. Section 6: Tracing, Debugging & Listening

15. Tech Bookshelf

15.1. Book: Android - Manning

15.2. Book: Android - Pragmatic

15.3. Book: Continuous Integration

15.4. Book: Google Web Toolkit - Cool and Useful Stuff

15.5. Book: Pragmatic Unit Testing

15.6. Book: SAP Business Objects - XCelsius 2008

15.7. Book: Data Warehouse - Kimball

15.8. Book: SQL Server - Data Mining

15.9. Book: SQL Server - SSIS

15.10. Book: SQL Server - SSRS

15.11. Management/Project Mgmt.

15.11.1. Book: One Minute Manager

15.11.2. Book: PMBOK

15.12. Book: Sharepoint - Admin

15.13. Book: Sharepoint - Best Practices

15.14. Sharepoint 2010 as a Development Platform

15.15. Book: iPhone Apress

15.16. Book: jQuery in Action

15.17. Book: Java EJB3 In Action

15.18. Books: Manning

15.19. Books: Pragmatic Bookshelf

15.20. Book: Head First Design Patterns

15.21. Book: Java Persistence with Hibernate

15.22. Book: Java Persistence with Hibernate

15.23. Book: Google Web Toolkit - Apps

16. Right Brain

16.1. Music

16.1.1. must listen NPR: All Songs Considered

16.2. Written word

16.2.1. Books to keep track of... History & Historical Fiction Annals of the Former World Shirer: Rise & Fall of the Third Reich Hillenbrand: Unbroken: A WW II Story of Survival Uris: Trinity Stanton: Horse Soldiers India Nandan Nilekani: Imagining India Friedman: The World is Flat Adiga: The White Tiger Mountbatten Freedom at Midnight Biographies Champlain's Dream Khrushchev McCullough: Truman Moehringer: Tender Bar McCullough: John Adams Obama: Dreams from My Father Aggasi's Autobiography: Open China Hessler: Country Driving

16.2.2. Reading list/ideas NPR: You Must Read This Award Winners Pulitzer Booker Nobel Tony Blair: A Journey Gansky: The Mesh TEDTalk... Peopleware Hot Flat and Crowded

16.3. Spoken word

16.3.1. TED

16.3.2. StackOverflow ITConversations

16.3.3. Project Tuva The Feynman Lectures

16.3.4. TWiT

17. About...

17.1. LinkedIn

17.2. Twitter

17.3. Email