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Vieszcy by Mind Map: Vieszcy
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Vamipre Conspiracy - Centuries old group of people running things from the shadows - hired/killed Rudek for the failed mission- wanted to know what Lennart learned and information unseen

Human Traffickers


Source of payment - owned by Lisky Bratva - Russian Organitskaya outfit - Montavon, head of family, near death- Andreas, Julie and Clarique children to inherit bank

Josef Lisky

Danilo Brigovich

Money man - mid-tier boss in Zemun clan of Nasa Stva, with influence and wealth. - Involved in human trafficking, linked to Norwegian biker gangs and Russian organised crime; active in Spain, France, other areas of Europe and Balkans - In a relationship with Zoric, producer on some of her films - Addresses in Odessa and Sarajevo under Zoric’s name - Close to Dedopovic; had access to man at hospital

Verica Sanja Zoric / Samantha B

Front Woman/Adult Film Star - Danilo girlfriend- Her name use on official documents


War Criminal - sadistic sniper, shot pregnant women - shot in the head by Luc during delivery - raised from the dead, killed again by Luc

Boža Knezevic

Hired Gunmen - Member of Zemun clan of Nasa Stvar; sent to kill team by Danilo- Knew Vladek, served with him in military

Janko Kovač

Zemun clan, Nasa Stvar - Likely to be member of Zemun clan and Knezevic’s direct superior.-Currently bouncing in the prison system

Anton Dedopovic

War Criminal - ruthless and dangerou; ties to human trafficking through Baltic states - sickly, rumor hospitalization switzerland - Swiss papers report him visiting a clinic there and attempting to set up a drug ring- hospital extraction after failed mission

Dr. Djorniev “The Doctor”

Raiser of the Daed



Lennart’s Data and Research

Intel collected over 3 years - stolen from Lennart without him knowing - physical and online backups made - original NATO laptop destroyed after betrayal of Dedopovic during delivery

Vampire Blood sample

- Taken from the sample in Dr. Ingolf's safe, used to coheres the man into the service of the Vieszcy- Results of test showed blood thinner to have effects in putting cells into stastis

Radiation Research

Old Notes from the Doctor



Civil Defence Exchange Bunker

Location - last call Rudek made 6 hours before his death - called once before about three or four months before the mission..


Mystery Officer/Smuggler - keeps popping up in smuggling shipping records - clearly has high authorization - presumably person in military hierarchy

“Rudek’s Killer”

Assassin - familiar with Rudek or very strong - garriotte cut deep into Rudek’s throat- connection with mystery client

“Super Commando”

Trained Extractor - infiltrated hospital to extract Dedopovic- leaped from 3rd floor and leaped away

Lisky Bratva

Russian Organitskaya outfit - owned by Lisky Bratva - Russian Organitskaya outfit - Montavon, head of family, near death- Andreas, Julie and Clarique children to inherit bank

Simon Thonradel

Rich Playboy


Former Russian Spy

Dr. Ingolf

Cardiologist / Informant for Vieszcy