Design Thinking Browning Learning Spaces

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Design Thinking Browning Learning Spaces by Mind Map: Design Thinking Browning Learning Spaces

1. Utililizing Space/Flow

1.1. Problem: Lack of and Inefficient Use of Space

1.2. Solution: Adjustable Shelves

1.3. Solution: Adjustable Lighting

1.4. Solution: Adjustable Desks (Steelcase Node)

1.5. Solution: Purge all unused or oversized material

2. Wilson Room

2.1. Problem: Storage

2.2. Solution: Equipment Bins on East Wall

2.3. Solution: Hang guitars on North or East Wall

2.4. Solution: Consider acoustics for walls, ceiling and carpet

3. Streamlining LS, MS, US Classrooms for Multiage Use

3.1. Problem: Overuse of some rooms, underuse of others

3.2. Solution: Multiple types of lighting. both wall mounted and recessed lighting and dimming

3.3. Solution: Student work display area. Full whiteboard and Smartboard combo

3.4. Solution: Storage up high in classrooms (use of vertical space0

3.5. Solution: Recessed shelving

3.6. Solution: Hooks in hallway for coats and backpacks

3.7. "Kangaroo Pouches" in seats

4. History Classroom (Room 504)

4.1. Problem: How to incorperate technology without disturbing traditional classroom strengths

4.2. Solution: Install an LCD TV above chalkboard

4.3. Solution: Digitize VHS collection

5. Alternative Student Spaces - Library

5.1. Problem: Students Using Library as Lounge

5.2. Solution: Create Student "Zones" (Cafeteria, Areas in halls, Lobby)

5.3. Solution: Create "Student Life Coordinator" Position

6. Recess Deck

6.1. Problem: Recess Door is disruptive

6.2. Problem: Little Functionality in Playdeck

6.3. Solution: Create Doorway from Kitchen room

6.4. Solution: Get a bin to hold lots of playdeck toys

6.5. Solution: Get large Blocks, chalk, Roll out hopscotch, little bikes and jumpropes

7. Math and Music Room (Room 202)

7.1. Problem: Piano in the way

7.2. Problem: Storage. Space is "Inharmonious"

7.3. Solution: Steelcase Node Desks

7.4. Solution: Piano on Wheels

7.5. Solution: Consolidate File/Book Storage

7.6. Solution: Smaller Teacher Desk

8. Other Problem Papers (not worked on)

8.1. Need More Storage

8.2. Flexibility in Desks for multiple teaching and learning styles

8.3. Need Lighting Zones and dimmers

8.4. Need for Whiteboard and Smartboard

8.5. How Virtual Learning Spaces are changing physical Learning Spaces

9. The Wiz Classroom

10. Library Terrace

10.1. Problem: Unscheduled Time

10.2. Problem: How can it be a learning space and a space for student "freedom"

10.3. Solution: Space changing from learning space, to freetime space the further away from the door

10.4. Solution: Need for privacy screen in LS Library

10.5. Solution: Art on Walls (Mural?) to give students sense of ownership

10.6. Solution: Comfortable seating