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post secondary map by Mind Map: post secondary map

1. An associaites degree is what you get after going to school for two years.

1.1. A bachlors degree is what you get after you go to college for four years.

1.1.1. a doctorate degree is the highest degree that you can receive.

2. College helps you get to the career that you want to do for the rest of your life.

2.1. The difference between a public and private school is that the private school costs more and more people will be at the public school.

3. Distance education is something that some students do, which means they go to class online

3.1. FASFA is money that you can get to go to college that you don't have to pay back.

3.2. Vocational means something that connects you to a job

4. The difference between room and board and tuition is room and board is what you pay to stay at the college and to eat and tuition is what you pay to take the classes at the college

4.1. A unviersity is where you go after you go to a community college most of the time and you get your four year degree or higher.

4.2. A community college is a college where you can get your two year degree.

4.3. A junior college is a college that offers you the first one or two years

5. ACT and SAT are tests that you need to take to get into college. You have to get a certain score on these tests to get into the college that you want. SAT are normally for the four year colleges and ACT are normally for the two year colleges.

5.1. a graduate student is someone who has already earned their degree and is trying to get a higher one

5.1.1. an under graduate student is someone who is a an university that has not earned its first degree