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Discovery by Mind Map: Discovery


1.1. Need correction

1.1.1. Interrupt others while they are speaking

1.1.2. Speak out all thoughts even though it does not help anything

1.1.3. Always break the time commitment

1.1.4. Fear and nervousity

1.1.5. Naive/pretend to be naive>> be trolled

1.1.6. Speak too loud

1.1.7. Confuse words to boss with words to peers

1.2. Strengths

1.2.1. Communicate 1:1

1.2.2. Dilligence

1.2.3. Kind/ Think for others

1.2.4. Beautiful

1.3. Weaknesses

1.3.1. blunt brain

1.3.2. learn passively, difficult to initiate counterpoint

1.3.3. difficulties to socialize in group

1.3.4. lack of energy to live actively

1.3.5. smug about present circumstance no search for other job no investment no orientation and hope for children no change for asset

1.4. Characteristics

1.4.1. Not ready to comply to anyone Lazy Believe but not absolutely follow any religion Not ready to pleasure upper people

1.4.2. Gentle

1.4.3. Small scale + little Avoid risks Avoid stress Blunt mind - little Popular items Just necessary Good management

1.4.4. Introverted communication 1:1 good in group: bad (without preparation) just look at other, not saying anything nervous before a meeting, talking by phone or send an email... Weak team work spirit Weak leadership spirit good Presentation (prepared) Not want to be outstanding in crowd Anti colorful fashion Fear to raise hand in crowd

1.4.5. Belief Life after death Buddism God and Saints

1.4.6. Need for safe Like to stay at home

1.4.7. Want to shine alone Study and work alone well but complain to others Fashion: yellow hair, own lip color, own style clothes, accessories Want to be special in other's eyes (appearance, mind,..) but actually not at all (just blunt mind ^^)

1.4.8. Unwise spending Sometimes want to spend generously, buy w/o thinking


2.1. Hobbies

2.1.1. Leisures Dramas Shopping Salon beauty Music Chatting Love stories Tree and vegetable planting Lying at home, decorating things

2.1.2. Idols Lee Seung Youn Won Bin

2.1.3. Personals Ideal man Care for his W & her F Faithful in love, 100% Gentle and friendly (+)Long face, deep eyes, tall, dark skin, pretty smile, muscular body, low toned voice Sympathized people Good behavior Wrong doing

2.2. Value

2.2.1. Truth

2.2.2. Peace

2.2.3. Love

2.2.4. Safe

2.3. Image

2.3.1. Neat

2.3.2. Simple

2.3.3. Unique Died hair Aroma

2.3.4. Satisfied accessories

2.4. Dreams

3. Plans

3.1. Travelling

3.1.1. Europe

3.1.2. Russia

3.1.3. America

3.1.4. Australia

3.1.5. Japan, Korea

3.1.6. DaLat

3.2. Updated target

3.3. Self-improve projects

3.3.1. Yoga

3.3.2. Morning exercise

3.3.3. French, Russian, Korean languages

3.3.4. Communication

3.3.5. Library (novels, major)

3.3.6. Knowledge blog (BTH)

3.3.7. Self-discovery

3.3.8. Family Hihi & Kool monthly photos Family blog

3.3.9. Driving skills

3.4. Risk mgt

3.4.1. GDrive

3.4.2. Diversified F

4. Lifetime

4.1. Travelling

4.1.1. Japan

4.1.2. Korea

4.1.3. Hungary

4.1.4. Singapore

4.1.5. Thailand

4.1.6. Russia

4.1.7. Domestic North Quang Ninh Hai Phong Son La Lao Cai Lang Son Thai Nguyen Hoa Binh Vinh Phuc Hai Duong Ninh Binh Thai Binh Middle Thanh Hoa Nghe An Ha Tinh Quang Binh Da Nang Hue Quang Nam Quy Nhon Phu Yen Khanh Hoa South TP HCM

4.2. Archieves

5. Lessons

5.1. Life rule

5.1.1. Never win sth that requires struggles with others. Just gain what was self created

5.1.2. Every period in life was bad, but after that It was worth remembering

5.1.3. Late but, finally get dreams come true

5.2. Lifestyle

5.2.1. Being independent

5.2.2. Simple, Homely

5.2.3. Self care, not care for others