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1) Project Brief

Key direction: create a website that allows readers to learn how to create a website

Question where you are going

2) Keyword research Analysis

My ideas: costruire siti internet creare siti internet come fare un template crare un template grafica per siti internet

Inner circle contacts & customers suggestions: analisi sito consulenze siti consulenza sito

Google data

3) Site definition and architecture

type of online destination

Define theme - topic

How to make site SEO friendly: Wordpress + All in One Seo Pack + clean urls + optimized design

technology choices: Wordpress, WP Forum, Youtube for videos.

4) Editorial strategy

Type of content: guides for create websites, web software, web design: all explained for beginners that wants to achieve a pros result

Frequency: 3/weeks

Length: 1500/3000 words

Authors & Contributors: Ryuichi, Yuki

Formats: HTML + CSS - Easy write - images and, lot of examples, step-by-step guides

Multimedia: Video recordered with cam, edited in Final Cut Pro and uploaded and shared on Youtube

Resources needed: Time, personal experience

5) SEO and content marketing

How to make content SEO friendly: 1. Robin's way to write titles 2. Semantic text and design 3. Plugin All-in-One-SEO for wordpress for description and keywords 4. Matteo Ionescu's POP suggestion for Wordpress in POP articles, what to index and what should be not 5. Check with google webmaster tools 6. Sitemap Generation for Google 7. Sitemap for users

Text: Written simple: me to you

Video - audio: embed my youtube videos - ask gurus if I can embed them too with credits

Content distribution: website, aggregators, monthly PDF resources

RSS + syndication: Feedburner, Twitter, Facebook, Forum

licensing: Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

6) Community building

Create real value: 1) examine your site for free: ask your personal questions solve your personal web problems. All recorded with a video and embedded in periodical articles 2) List and download of web software with tutorials and test. 3) Lots of simple tutorials

Offer unique gifts: 1) resources for web developing and design that I have made 2) Personal consulence - free

Build a list: download my PDF? [TO DO/REFINE]

Leverage newsletter - for subscribers? [TO DO/REFINE]

Forum - community - social media: 1) Embedded forum with unique login for website/forum 2) Facebook 3) Twitter

Engage fans: 1) personal experience live in "examine your website" 2) Publicize their website 3) Make questions in forum that makes thinking (hard to explain here :-) )