Empire State Building

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Empire State Building by Mind Map: Empire State Building

1. Form

1.1. Combination Structure

1.1.1. Made up of many kinds of structures

1.2. Apperance

1.2.1. Large and Tall

1.2.2. Stands upright

1.3. Is able to withstand most internal and external forces

2. Function

2.1. An office work area

2.1.1. Many off limits places where tourists can't visit

2.2. Tourists come and visit this place

2.2.1. Have many shows

2.2.2. Lots of entertainment

2.2.3. Can go on the highest floor for viewing

3. About the Structure

3.1. Combination Structure

3.1.1. Shell Has many beams Made up of steel beams has lots of open areas like viewing decks and rooms

3.1.2. Solid It is very stable and strong Made from steel and cement Has rods of metal running through concrete

3.2. Has 103 floors in total

4. Loads

4.1. Dead Load: The Empire State Building

4.1.1. supports the workers and tourists

4.1.2. supports the offices inside

4.1.3. foundation supports the buliding

4.2. Live Load: The Workers and Tourists

4.2.1. building supports the workers and tourists

4.3. Dynamic Load: External and Internal Forces

4.3.1. building can support various external and internal forces

4.3.2. Can bend a bit if there is a strong and heavy wind (Sheer- Internal force)

4.3.3. Gravity (External Force) pulls the structure towards the ground, keeps it from falling appart

5. Forces

5.1. External Forces

5.1.1. Rain May need to close down viewing decks Can only explore indoors Not safe when you are at the top and lightning strikes Structure might slightly bend if there is lots of rain and wind

5.1.2. Snow/ Ice It might close down the place due to a lot of snow Might not be safe to go on the viewing deck Slippery and wet on the decks Might make the structure lose power due to lots of snow and ice

5.1.3. Lightning May strike the top Will generate and store the energy if it does

5.2. Internal Forces

5.2.1. Snow If there is a weather vain on the top, the vain will compress on top of it Might cause tension on the top of the building

5.2.2. Ice Bend (Sheer) anything on the structure or anything around the structure Ice and Snow can cause compression against the roof or top of structure