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Brainstorm by Mind Map: Brainstorm

1. Multi Languages?(1 week)

1.1. Data db analyse

1.2. Data cpanel update

2. Multi Environment?(1 week)

2.1. Portal db analyse

2.2. Portal core update

3. Multi Site

3.1. Data(2 weeks)

3.1.1. DB analyse: add site manager

3.1.2. Data Cpanel update

3.2. Portal

3.2.1. Update portal section business rule (Allow / in section name) (0.5 weeks)

3.2.2. Load section info with section path(0.5 weeks)

3.2.3. Block/Module (2 weeks) Add site code parameter config Update load data with site code

3.2.4. Các block/module Tin tức Vật phẩm Thư viện Game Ranking Event Search Engine Optimization Link Exchange Comment Vote Survey Thống kê Download

4. Multi parent category (2 weeks)

4.1. Update business logic

4.1.1. News category

4.1.2. Library

4.1.3. Ib shop

4.1.4. Event

4.2. Update cpanel code