Alejandro's Painting Company

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Alejandro's Painting Company by Mind Map: Alejandro's Painting Company

1. 310-528-2044 - [email protected]

2. Page for Simple Coupon

3. We will do the hosting and email

4. Home Page

4.1. Clean Design With White - (see example sites)

4.2. Goal - Lead Geneeration/Credibility Phone Calls or Emails

4.3. Logo Upper Left - Phone Number/Email/Call to Action upper Right

4.3.1. Call To Action - 310-528-2044 Call Now, Free Estimates - Redeem This Coupon and Receive 10% Off

4.4. TagLine - Top Quality - Affordable Prices

4.5. Possible Ideas

4.5.1. Small Video streamed from YouTube -

4.5.2. Local South Bay or Los Angeles Map This shows people that is a local company Builds local credibility

4.5.3. We are open on any colors although, it need to be clean and convert to call to action

5. About Us

5.1. (See Word Doc for copy content)

6. Contact Us

6.1. (See Word Doc for copy content)

6.2. Maybe if possible add a form with name, phone, project and submit button.

6.3. Make sure to include call to action.

7. Testimonials

7.1. (See Word Doc for copy content)

7.2. Maybe stock photos of peoples faces

8. Our Services

8.1. (See Word Doc for copy content)