Geometric Shapes

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Geometric Shapes by Mind Map: Geometric Shapes

1. Polygons

1.1. Polygons: All of these shapes are polygons. A polygon is a shape made of lines that could be colored in (all the lines meet and it has a “middle”).

1.2. Learn the polygon song!

2. Box Shapes

2.1. Rectangle: Another box shape, with two sets of equal sides. Equal sides are opposite each other. The sides are parallel to each other.

2.2. Square: A box shape with 4 equal sides; sides are parallel.

3. Triangles

3.1. Equilateral Triangle- Triangle has 3 equal sides.

3.2. Isoceles Triangle- Triangle has 2 equal sides and 2 equal angles.

3.3. Scalene Triangle- Triangle has no equal sides.

3.4. Learn the triangle song!

4. Circles

4.1. Most circles will always look the exact same.

4.2. The only other version of a circle is an oval; a stretched out circle.

5. Irregular Shapes

5.1. Trapezoid: Another 4 sided shape, with one set of parallel lines (the other set of lines is not parallel)

5.2. Pentagon- 5 sided shape

5.3. Hexagon: 6 sided shape

5.4. Heptagon: 7 sided shape

5.5. Octagon: 8 sided shape

5.6. Nonagon: 9 sided shape

5.7. Decagon: 10 sided shape

5.8. Dodecagon: 12 sided shape

6. Meet the Shapes video

7. When will I ever use geometry?