Phylum Mullusca

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Phylum Mullusca by Mind Map: Phylum Mullusca

1. Bivalvia

1.1. Body: Grow to be one meter wide

1.2. How and what it eats: suspension feeders

1.3. Movement: They stay at the surface of the substratum under the sand.

1.4. Picture:

2. Polyplacophora

2.1. Body: 2-8 cm long

2.2. How and what it eats: they eat algae, their rasp- like mouth parts help them to remove algae off of rockls

2.3. Movement: Live on intertidal rocks

2.4. Picture:

3. Gastropoda

3.1. Body: the shell has 3 layers: outer, middle, inener

3.2. How and what it eats:Grazers and suspension feeders

3.3. Movement: slow moving, ocean floor

3.4. Picture:

4. Cephalopoda

4.1. Body: Have no shell

4.2. How and what it eats: crabs, worms, clams

4.3. Movement: crepping, swimming with specialized find

4.4. Picture: