It's Shocking: Electricity

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It's Shocking: Electricity by Mind Map: It's Shocking: Electricity

1. Where does electricity come from?

1.1. people burn coal and the steam turns a wheel and it makes electricity it goes through wires then it goes into the school through transformers and then to the grade three pod

2. What is electricity?

2.1. electricity is the flow of electrons.

3. How does electricity work?

3.1. electricity works when a battery or some other power source makes the electrons in the wires to move. The electrons flows into a component like a light bulb. The it flows back to the power source. There are two types of electricity DC (directional current) and AC (Alternating current) DC is when the electrons flow in one direction. it usually uses a dry cell or alkaline battery. AC is when electrons flow in two directions so the electrons flow through one wire and back the same one. AC usually works off wall sockets.

3.1.1. In the science center i learnt how a fuse works, what is electro-coating and what a parallel circuit is.

4. Questions I have about electricity?

4.1. Who invented electricity?

5. What needs electricity to work?

5.1. computer, TV, Ipad, IPod, remote controlled car, lights, Phone, fridge, printers, lamps cooker, electric nerf gun,burglar alarm....

6. By Qiheng