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12/31/2009 by Mind Map: 12/31/2009
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FAMC Changes

For all numbered issues: 1101100893, 1) Doc Prep fee of .27 is not included in Origination Charges., Cannot reproduce, dtaylor, 2) Block 4 of the GFE has $501.94 but should total $503.94. --based on error 3 below, I can't tell what is not being included. Possibly the seller paid portion of the Lender's Coverage., 3) Block 5 of the GFE has .50 but should be a $1.00 - probably not including the portion paid by the Seller., 4) Include YSP in #1 Origination Charges - DEV-13748, dtaylor

Change Recording of Assignment & 1200 Series Misc 1 Fee to total in #7 Recording Charges on GFE Tab in LOS, Also change the label to show Charges not Changes, dtaylor

Remap Lender Doc Prep Fee in XML, J. Kring., Failed ticket DEV-13740

Important Date #2 incorrect, loan number 1501085547 should be 01/13/2010 but instead shows 01/22/2010

Aggregate Adjustment is missing in the XML request to G&V., dtaylor

Misc escrow did not send the dollar amt over, dtaylor

G&V Changes

I put a MISC charge in the Reserves section and it is not mapping anywhere to the GFE. I don't see on the Spreadsheet where we mapped the MISC fees in the Reserves section., Fees in the 1000 section are not mapped anywhere.

Place a zero value in box 5 if there is no owner's title insurance

Escrow MIP is not printing on GFE

Wholesale Fees\Qdocs


AUS Tier Adjustment still applied after 1/1/2010 cutoff

using wrong app date, kwhite

Test Loans

no fee set for AR EMb (2101081824), kwhite