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Biomimicry by Mind Map: Biomimicry

1. Nature

1.1. Butterfly's colors have inspired us to use polychromatic color to secure imprint colors.

1.2. A farmer has designed an idea where farming would be vertically landscaped instead of horizontaly. He says it will give more room and claims that farming today is failing, and something need sto change.

2. Humans

2.1. The spongy bones of humans handle stress efficiently via the distribution of fine strands called trabeculae.

2.2. The skin of humans protects from water loss in part due to fibrous structural proteins (keratins) and cross-linking.

2.3. Human finger tips are extremely sensitive to fine textures. Might be the most sensitive thing in the animal kingdom.

3. Evolved

3.1. Slime mold finds the most efficient path to grow. Before hand the mold had trouble so it evolved to the point where it can somehow find the most efficient way to grow without harm to other organisms.

3.2. Pompeii worms tolerate the steepest temperature gradient on the planet using multiple strategies.

4. Energy

4.1. This is about how the wallaby can go days without eating because its legs can store elastic energy.

4.2. BiomiVal has developed a bidirectional turbine that can profit from the great energy that comes from the sea.

4.3. BIoPower has created machines called bioWAVE, they are units mounted on the seafloor, and absorb the energy from wave.