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Comprehension Template by Mind Map: Comprehension Template
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Comprehension Template

Use this template while reading the book. Try to answer the questions and add any questions of your own so we can discuss them in class.

Any Questions of your own?

Unfamiliar vocabulary

Unclear references

Unclear motives

Character List




Comprehension Questions

How does The Call of the Wild present the human-dog relationship?

What is the law of Club and Fang?

Why does Buck howl at the moon at the end of the chapter?

Discuss the influence of Charles Darwin’s and Friedrich Nietzsche’s theories on The Call of the Wild.

Which events directly and indirectly lead to the kidnapping of Buck?

What is the reader told about Buck's original owner?

Why does Buck attack the Yeehats?

About the Book

What type of book is it?


Sub genre?

What is the historical background of the story?