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SharingGood.Info This is a small selection of inspiring things, from tech hacks to social activism and organizational change. by Mind Map: SharingGood.Info

This is a small selection of inspiring things, from
tech hacks to social activism and organizational
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SharingGood.Info This is a small selection of inspiring things, from tech hacks to social activism and organizational change.

The Impossible is Possible?

weird things (in Physics) that might change how you see the world

Water that Flows in a Spiral

Non-Newtonian Fluid: Dancing Sirup

Acoustic Levitation

objects floating in soundwaves

Quantum Levitation: The Hoover-Board in Real-Life!

a floating magnet that is 'locked in space'

Cymatics: Visualization of soundwaves

An experiment with sand on a plate which vibrates in a certain frequency. The sand forms strange geometric shapes.

TED-Talk: Evan Grant: Making sound visible through cymatics

How the World is Changing

This section is about how the Internet and technology are changing the world, and how people are using these technologies to initiate global positive change

Online and Offline Movements

Paul Hawken: Blessed Unrest - The Largest Movement in the World, Worldwide there are >130.000 grassroots initiatives for social justice, environmental causes etc. Hawken sais: "This movement is humanity's immune response to resist and heal political disease, economic infection and ecolotical corruption caused by ideologies.“, Online-Petition Platform

Avaaz, Online-Petition Platform, 45 Mio. members, Example: "Brazil says NO to Corruption"

The Occupy Movement, Movie: Occupy Love


Anonymous, Anonymous, leaderless collective of hackers world-wide, fighting for what they perceive as injustice. F.ex. attacked several credit-card firms and Paypal for freezing Wikileaks donation-accounts, Wikipedia, AnonNews, International nonprofit organization that has been using the power of video and storytelling for 20 years to open the eyes of the world to human rights abuses, youtube

Open Source & DIY Movement

Arduino, The Arduino is a very cheap open-source microcontroller-board, used by millions of people worldwide to build electronics, TED-Talk Massimo Banzi

TED-Talk: The invention that unlocked a locked-in artist, A great talk about a guy who invited hackers from all over the world to build open-source glasses that would allow a completely paralyzed graffiti writer to draw graffiti again and communicate with the outside world.

Open Source Car

Wii-Remote Hacks, Build a 3D TV for 30$, For hardware costs of around 30$ you can turn any screen in a DIY 3D Screen. It only works with a certain demo program, but the effect is amazing!, Build a Whiteboard for 30$, With the same hardware, you can turn any screen or surface used for a projector into an interactive whiteboard. No need to spend 2.000 $ on that one. Became apparently very popular in classrooms in third world countries.



TED-Talk: Chris Anderson: How YouTube is driving innovation, Web-video has changed and is still changing the world. Very inspiring video from TED curator Chris Anderson.

An anthropological introduction to YouTube, This talk made me really get into YouTube. It's amazing how people around the world started celebrating having a common voice to express themselves and communicate with each other, when YouTube got started. One of the best videos on Internet Culture.

Did you know, 2013, 4.0

The Future

Physics of the Future

Technologies that will decentralize the world


Microfinance, Grameen Bank: The Bank for the Poor

Industrial Democracy / Organization 3.0, SEMCO & Ricardo Semmler

Het Nieuw Werken, Fokke Wijnstra


Meditation, Doing Time, Doing Vipassana, TED-Talk: Kiran Bedi: How I remade one of India's toughest prisons

Information & Fascination

The Internet is full of information, ideas, courses and instructions that can help you to make your or other people's lives better, raise your awareness etc. The only problem is that we mostly stumble over these gems by accident....UNTIL NOW :-)

Videos & Documentaries

166 Documentaries To Expand Your Consciousness

Urbanized: Urban Design

Timelapse, The Earth from Above, Yosemite Range of Light, Clouds: The Unseen Sea

Lightpainting, Vimeo: Painting with Light, Pixelstick: Lightpainting 2.0

Strange Corners of Youtube (also check the links to other videos), Levitating Superconductor on a Möbius strip

Websites & Blogs & Media

Ars Technica Insights on making ideas happen

Treehugger: Source for Green Design & Living News

The Intercept, A new platform for innovative journalism made by former Guardian columnist Glenn Greenwald, and others, "Our central mission is to hold the most powerful governmental and corporate factions accountable, and to do so, we will report on a wide and varied range of issues."

Learning Knowledge & Wisdom

Online Courses & MOOCs, Udemy, Collection of free and discounted courses


Hyperobjects: Philosophy and Ecology after the End of the World

Fun & Adventure

Flying like an eagle

Wingsuit Flying

Interesting People

Jón Gnarr, Mayor of Reykjavik

Glenn Greenwald, Former journalist of the Guardian, interviewed and supported Edward Snowden, Twitter, The Intercept

Health, provides an overview of current research about positive and negative effects of nutrition on health., examples, eating meat in large quantities is VERY bad, the turmeric root has surprising benefits against inflammation and certain kinds of cancer!, some scientist got together to make a clear statement about the disastrous effects of added sugar, based on clinical studies.





Possibilities for living an unconventional life


travel for free / cheap,, find people / organizations where you can trade 4-5h work per day for free food and accommodation, alternatives:, WWOOFING,,, trade chats in mother tongue for free lodging and food Blogfabrik (Berlin) : freelancers write two articles a month in exchange for a desk and can score paid projects separately. : Helpful travelers exchange chores for accommodation EatWith and Backstreet Academy helping local hosts to share the fruits of their labor with visitors, and now Amons does the same for guests.,, house-sitting, find people who need someone to live in and take care of their property while being away,