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Paisano by Mind Map: Paisano
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Born in Italy

has three brothers

mom born in 1932 and still kicking

dad died in 1991

Living in Atlanta since 1994

Works downtown Atlanta

Ranch Home with Pool

Grew up in Newark, NJ

roof jumping champ

drives a BMW

Drives Honda minivan

Loves to cook

Favorite food is chinese

loves crablegs

Into gadgets

digs his iTouch

Loves his iPhone

Loves his TomTom GPS

Loves the Internet

thepaissano (yahoo im)

Married Lori in 1995

3 Kids

Nicholas (b.1999) Matthew (b.2003) Rachel (b.2005)




Writes poetry



Big Sports fan

Loves Yankees

Love Italian Soccer team

Loves TiVo

Loves Mary Tyler Moore Show

Loves the Twilight Zone TV series

It's a wonderful life is favorite movie

Good Athlete

Excellent Tennis Player

Soccer star in H.S.

Created first laptop Depot

Laptop Depot Created laptop repair and replacement center for Bellsouth in 1995. Over-nighted replacement as we repaired defective units or replaced lost/stolen laptops.

Avid Reader


Edgar Allen Poe