Napoleon's Empire

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Napoleon's Empire by Mind Map: Napoleon's Empire

1. Napoleon's Coup

1.1. November 9, 1799

1.2. the end of the French Revolution

1.3. brought Napoleon to power as First Counsel of France

2. Campaign in Egypt

2.1. Napoleon wanted to take over British trade routes

2.2. won the Battle of the Pyramids

2.3. lost all ships in a battle with the british and became stranded in Eygypt

3. Conquest for Great Britain

3.1. Napoleon attempted to invade Ireland to destabilize and skip across to England

4. Battle of Waterloo

4.1. 1815

4.2. happened in Belgium

4.3. was fought against the combined forces of Britain and Prussia

5. Attack on Russia

5.1. 1812

5.2. Napoleon launched the attack when the Czar backed out of their agreement to estrange Britian

5.3. they lost due to the combination of Russian counter attacks and hard winter weather