Alice in Wonderland Reserach

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Alice in Wonderland Reserach by Mind Map: Alice in Wonderland Reserach

1. Lewis Carroll's Background.

1.1. Born on January 27, 1832 -MRH-JC

1.2. Degrees: Math Teacher, Degree from Oxford. -MRH-JC

1.3. Carroll's first book: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. -MRH-JC

1.4. By: JC-MRH

2. When hair is dry and damaged, people often used bear's grease.-SS CV

3. Completly mad. Understood to mean crazy. -T.W And K.H

4. Did Alice have to use a bathing machine?

5. William was the illegitimate son of Robert I, duke of Normandy, by his concubine Arlette, a tanner's daughter from the town Falaise. MW TF

5.1. Epigraphs are like little appetizers to the great entrée of a story. They illuminate important aspects of the story, and they get us headed in the right direction. MW TF

5.1.1. Mercury used to be used in the making of hats. This was known to have affected the nervous systems of hatters, causing them to tremble and appear insane. MW TF

5.1.2. If you have weak eyes, try not to read on a train. MW TF

6. Carroll blurs the line between imagination and reality through the constant confusion of language, personhood, and sometimes surprising "real world" knowledge of the creatures inhabiting Wonderland-BRB

6.1. The book use math and logic- BRB

6.2. Alice Laddel BRB

6.3. The time and place written: 1862–1863, Oxford- BRB

6.3.1. Willan the Conqueror ON Christmas Day, 2006 William the Conqueror was was crowned the first Norman king of England

6.4. Victorian Era Marriages--Antone with red hair must marry someone with jet black hair-BRB

7. Did the characters in the book really look like they do in the movies? kp&rr

7.1. No - the designs in the movies were headcanon to the book. They came up with their own interpretations to the book. Certain parts were changed, as well, in the movie. Hence the ending. -CS


9. The Victorian Age

9.1. How do bathing machines work RR and AG

9.2. What was Lewis Carrol's inpiration?


9.4. Women in the Victoran Age were not allowed to vote, work a profession, and were "property" to their husband. CV and SS

9.5. the kids in the victorian age were "property" to the father. SS and CV

9.6. why did they have so many rules about how to dress properly? -TT

9.7. did they have rules on how to take pictures rl and tp

9.8. how much is a shilling worth in us money rl and tp

9.9. They dressed properly in the victorian age because it was considered unproper if you didn't. SS and CV

10. William the Conqueror

10.1. William was born in 1028. -MRH-JC

10.2. William conquered England in 1066. He then became one of the first Kings of The England Empire. -MRH-JC

10.3. William was heir to the throne in 1035. -MRH-JC

10.4. By: JC-MRH

11. people with weak eyes should avoid train travel. TCO(sm)

12. As Mad As A Hatter

12.1. Willam was a duke of Normady, that invaded England -T.W And K.H

13. Lewis Carroll was good mathematician. SM

14. The upper and middle class Victorian lives were usually fast paced and comfortable> m.s and k.j

15. Why does Alice decide to follow the rabbit in the first place?

15.1. Carroll uses Antiquated Languageto give a sentimetal tone to poetry -T.W And K.H

15.2. it was because she was curious

16. Shilling is English currency which is part of part of a pound.

17. How much were

18. William the conquer invaded England! SM

19. I dont like how women were treated back then - T.W AND K.H

20. In the Victorian Era people preferred bathing in rainwater. m.s and k.j

21. In Victorian times everything was very proper and guided ,but in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland every thing crazy and missguided. m.s and k.j

22. a shilling is an an english currency. T.W.

23. when people get out of the bathing machine do they run into the water so they dont get seen?

24. Before writing "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" Charles Dodgson was a math teacher and was a babysitter for Alice Liddel and her sisters. M.H.

25. How long do the children go to school.-DBF

26. in the picture she looks like she has brown hair, but im wondering the same thing -TT

27. Was alice really blonde - T.W K.H

27.1. Taught math to undergrads at Christ Church TC MW LN

28. No she had brown hair like in the black and white photograph CS HP AND BL

28.1. Childeren did not see much of their parents, they were usually with nannies and babysitters.

28.1.1. How long did the children go to school? kp&rr

28.1.2. thats sad

28.1.3. Aww

29. ms.fraley said she was blonde - T.W K.H

29.1. Well in the picture her hair looks black or brown CS HP AND BL

30. The mad hatter's secret ingrediant is math. - SS and CV

30.1. How how is his secret ingredient math? CS

30.2. In Victorian times the servants cooked and cleaned while the mother spent her time at the dressmaker,socializing with friends, and planning parties. This represents the white rabbit ordering Alice around like his maid. m.s and k.j

31. Math Allusions

32. How do bath machines work??

32.1. How do bath machines work??-DBF-ALN

33. she doesn't know how to do math-TP and RL

34. Tea party!

34.1. Why did Lewis put very safistacated math in the book , knew most of the people reading it would be kids? m.s and k.j

35. march hare

35.1. "Social Life"

35.1.1. Social Life cannot be obtained from the nearest Agency for the Sale of our Goods. -T.W And K.H

36. why was tea parties so popular back then? TC MW LN

37. ThroughThe Looking Glass Can preserve a feeling of childishness -T.W And K.H

37.1. did alice get hurt in any way that we don't know about j.d. & t.h.

37.2. A shilling looks like a coin dollar!

38. People have thought of Hares of being very excited during the month March TC MW LN

39. Why did Carroll put so

40. What does this mean? "The March Hare ... as this is May, it won't be raving mad - at least not so mad as it was in March. TC MW LN

41. Why did Carroll put so safisticated math in the book when he knew most people reading it would be kids? m.s and k.j

42. Husbands: Always leave home with a tender good bye and loving words. SM and TW

42.1. Family was very nice back then. For example, husbands would never leave the house without saying a nice goodbye. KP

43. The servents did all the house cleaning and cooking while in Victorian times the mother spent time at the dressmaker , socializing with friends and planning parties.It represent s the white hair an

44. Charles Dodgson is a mathmatical lecturer and author of mathematical books. T.W. and S.M.

45. food and drinks have powers over the human body in wonderland. T.W. and S.M.