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Aquatics by Mind Map: Aquatics

1. Customer Service

1.1. Concepts

1.1.1. Our Niche Partnership Relationships Expertise

1.1.2. Health Guarantee Saltwater Freshwater

1.2. Skills

1.2.1. Essential Interactions Greetings Information acquisition Experience level Skill required assessment Handling a line/multiple customers Bagging fish

1.2.2. Basic Interactions Recommendations Power of Suggestion

1.2.3. Tank Setup Essential Chemicals Essential equipment Size recommendations

1.2.4. Troubleshooting Sick tanks Algae problems See "Water Chemistry Compatibility problems

2. Water Chemistry

2.1. Concepts

2.1.1. Essential Chemistry Oxygen Temperature Chlorine/Chloramine

2.1.2. Basic Chemistry All Systems pH Nitrogen Cycle Freshwater Plants Saltwater Salinty Reef

2.1.3. Intermediate Chemsitry Freshwater Saltwater Reef

2.1.4. Advanced Chemistry Saltwater Reef Plants Iron Nitrogen

2.2. Skills

2.2.1. Water Testing Basic Testing Probes/Monitors Dip strips Kits Phosphates Alkalinity

2.2.2. Manipulate chemistry Basic adjustments Adjust pH up/down Reef tanks Essential adjustments Ammonia Nitrates Nitrites Oxygen Temperature

2.2.3. Troubleshoot Essential problem ID Cloudy water Cycling Basic problem ID Green water Intermediate problem ID Advanced problem ID

3. Store Systems

3.1. Concepts

3.1.1. Automated systems Water changes Water creation

3.1.2. Layout Freshwater By tank Saltwater Inverts Fish Display Tanks Nanos Reef Aquaplantarium Iwagumi Reef Live Rock Corals

3.1.3. Display Tanks Mature & stable Propogate Inspire sales

3.1.4. Water Quality Neptune Apex Web interface Saltwater Protein Skimming UV Sterilization Ozone Mech Filtration Refugiums Bio Filtration Chem Filtration Freshwater Nanos & Showtanks

3.1.5. Source water RO/DI Dechlorinated Water Saltwater

3.1.6. Lighting Reef Saltwater Freshwater

3.2. Skills

3.2.1. Maintain freshwater systems Repair/Replace Broken lights Sponges Heaters Medication Maintain filters Wash sponges Unclog Run auto-topoff Gravel vacuum

3.2.2. Maintain saltwater systems Reef Fish/Inverts

3.2.3. Maintain display tanks Water Quality Top-off Water Change Maintain filter Appearance Scrub algae Bleach Maintain livestock

4. Livestock Knowledge

4.1. Concepts

4.1.1. Freshwater Setup Animal Care New Aquariums Fish Illness General Stress Funguses Parasites Bacterial Infections Livestock Fish Gastropods Amphibians Crustaceans Plants

4.1.2. Saltwater Livestock Corals Fish Macroalgaes Inverts Fish Illness General Stress Funguses Parasites Bacterial Infections

4.2. Skills

4.2.1. Netting & Bagging Basic Procedures Fish Label bag Keeping Clean Situational Techniques Heavily planted tanks Species Specific Strategies Plants Fish Corals Live Rock Inverts

4.2.2. Using Tags FW Fish Compatibility Floating Topic Plants

4.2.3. Using prepared resources Betta sheet New tank sheet

5. Dry Goods

5.1. Concepts

5.1.1. Pumps Water Pumps External Pumps Powerheads Air Pumps

5.1.2. Filters Sponge Filters Canisters Sumps Power Filters

5.1.3. Filter Media Bulk Cartridges

5.1.4. Aquariums Glass Aquaplantariums Custom sizes Nanos High Clarity Aquatops Acrylic Nanos Custom sizes

5.1.5. Food Dry Freeze Dry Flakes Pellets Frozen Live

5.1.6. Medications Antiparasitics Antifungals Antibiotics Broad Spectrum

5.1.7. Lighting Fluorescent T5, T8,T10, T12 CFL Halide LED

5.2. Skills

5.2.1. Identify CC Brands

5.2.2. Essential skills Locate dry goods